22 Feb 2006


22 Feb 2006

nando’s flaming hot peri-peri for lunch +
tempeyek (those yummy cracker-like treats with peanuts on top) for tea +
apartment cafe’s penang fried kuew teow for dinner


vomit +
liquid shit

so i was home for the better part of the afternoon yesterday. slept through most of it.

was hoping to get on WoW for a quickie to chat someone up, but my realm was down for ‘urgent maintenance’. five hours after it came up, another 6 hours of downtime for ‘scheduled maintenance’.

so… when exactly do we get to play? 🙁

anyways, my health hasn’t been in good order lately. gotta see how i can seamlessly put in some healthy things into my life without breaking my yearning for the stuff i love.

for exercise, i’ll walk up the road from plaza pantai to menara telekom each morning. upon returning home, i’ll walk up the stairs to my apartment.

for cleanliness, i just gotta take an hour off after work to arrange my belongings and get in touch with the world.

that should be sufficient for now.

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