15 Mar 2006

building in progress

15 Mar 2006

Some of you may’ve noticed that the site has been dysfunctional for a few days. that’s because i’ve recently attempted a supposedly easier more streamlined way to upgrade the server’s third-party applications using portupgrade. a few of your techie peeps would know that FreeBSD has a nice ports collection that allows you to easily install stuff that’s not native to the FreeBSD operating system.

There doesn’t seem to be much problem so far. the only obstacles i’ve encountered are for ports that I’ve previously had to manually tweak their ‘Makefile”s in order to install them in a specific way that i want. not a pleasant process having to repeat these tweaks each time i upgrade, so i’ve managed to find solutions that are portupgrade friendly.

Another set of problems i had were ports that didn’t save my previous install options. these are packages that used dialog screens to allow users to select any special components they want, so somehow this time i didn’t tick off as many components as i did before causing some configuration inconsistencies. luckily quick tweaks of the config files did the trick.

So enough about that. since my last post i’ve watched Rahtree, a thai horror comedy, and Hostel, a Tarantino movie hoping to match the goriness of the likes of Audition. doesn’t quite reach there, but at least the storyline’s better. Also level 44 in WoW, and i’ve created an alternate character on PvP realm Dragonmaw to play with whenever my original realm Khaz’goroth is mad full. My BF2 installation seems to work now, although i haven’t gotten a proper game in to test my chopper flying skills against tougher odds (they’re a lot easier to shoot down it seems).

Cuzzies not able to make it that weekend, unfortunately. 🙁

The staff of Black & Decker Asia Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd could use some English lessons. They could also use some training in customer call management. This one guy promised to call me back yesterday and hasn’t done so. It was hard enough trying to communicate to him that I want one ‘RT1000‘. refer to your own damned catalogue dammit! and don’t bring in a power tool if you don’t plan on having accessories available!

And my bro’s been sick since Sunday. Very high fever that’s not quite consistent. Early blood test doesn’t show anything. Well, he seems fine now. Somehow managed to garner enough energy to go to a cybercafe with his friends today.

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