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* sigh *

It’s not that I haven’t noticed, but I haven’t really been putting much effort into my entries nowadays. The usual feelings put into most sentences are just not there anymore. Trust me, I’m experiencing ’em, but I guess I’m a little too shy to put them in print. For now. Hopefully. Perhaps it’s up to me to clean up my life first before being able to come clean.

Anyways, I seem to have exhausted my supply of The O.C. to watch. I’ve got Episode 22 of Season 3 (which might be the season finale) on queue, but I gotta finish downloading Superman III and IV for my boss first. I’m also downloading FF7 for the PC, just so that I can experience the storyline and maybe even pick up a few more favorites from the soundtrack. So far, I’m only hypnotuned to the battle theme and One-Winged Angel. I’ll be cheating of course; don’t want to spend too much time on it.

In WoW, I’m still stuck at level 51. Still have things to do in ZF and Uldaman, so I’ve yet to progress for Maraudon runs. Slow and steady though. My guild’s implemented the Guild Event Manager, but I don’t wanna put anything on there with the fear of not attending my own events. 😛 And I discovered a Japanese-speaking guildmate too; maybe I can start putting some in practice.

In BF2, I’ve surprisingly made 2K points since making First Sergeant. Haven’t been playing that much, but I haven’t lost my edge. I’m starting to love my PKM, being able to take down squads of people without breaking a sweat. 😀 Think there’s much room to improve though; I’ve seen people do 30 kills without a single death. :O But then again, they’re highly ranked, so they must play like every single day. Merv is inadvertently helping me with my ‘training’, since the team he’s on almost always loses. No offense, man. 😀

At the office, I’ve been able to pick up the pace again after being stuck in a short rut. My fragile mind just has to take a break every few weeks or so. While I’m making good progress on my stuff, I still have to deal with the upcoming audit on our project (i.e. more work) and an upcoming renovation that will force me from my currently wide and spacious cubicle to a cramped corner with the rest of the office folk (i.e. more physical work). Kinda ironic since I just got promoted. Oh well, I’ve made a pact with the chief clerk to erect a wall around my area to make it more private. 🙂

I definitely have to finish my tax forms tonight.

And.. I’ve resisted the urge to migrate to PCI-Express. The cost is just too expensive for a mega-graphics and dual-core upgrade. My overclocked proc is sufficient for now, and I’ll just have to live with the current graphics problems that can be rather annoying when BF2’ing (hence the urge). Imagine trying to shoot something from a tank and only be able to see panoramic black stripes flashing across the screen.

I will however, upgrade my LAN to 802.11g to save the trouble of downloading movies from my server to my PC in order to watch them, and maybe procure a decent sound card for the heck of it. 🙂 And maybe also replace this card with an adequate if not better alternative.

stuff to watch! and others to avoid.

ES and I watched Ultraviolet Friday night. With the exception of Milla, everything else sucked. We got there a lil earlier to try out the new House of the Dead 4 at the arcade. But it was such in demand that we didn’t get to play, so we settled for some Time Crisis 3. Which I could probably play on my PS2 by myself. 😛

Speaking of the PS2, I think I’ll bring it into my room to play on my 24″. Wanna see if the gun works with LCDs as well.

And I’m a few minutes from downloading the entire Season 3 of The O.C. I like the way [Azureus] allows you to set priorities for each file in a torrent so that it downloads faster. That basically means I’ve watched the 1st episode, and can now start watching episodes 2 to 8. 🙂

Ooh, and the latest Nokia PC Suite has an auto update feature. I’m now on version 6.80.20 and it works very well with the WIDCOMM stack I installed earlier. Sweet! Now hopefully someone improves the Bemused protocol to allow it to control other things. 🙂

sakit mata

This week’s news briefs:-

– I’m now able to control winamp using my nokia 6230. It’s fun, but I wish I could control movies as well. Luckily for HID-capable Sony Ericsson phone users, they have an official app that allows you to simulate keystrokes using your phone. I don’t have the link though, so you’ll have to google it. 🙂 In the meantime, installing the latest WIDCOMM stack was a pain, and now I can’t get my Nokia PC Suite working. :

– Almost done with the O.C season 2! Gonna start looking for season 3 now. 🙂

– Watched most of Nascar 3D last night. 3D is nice, but it was too short. Makes me wonder if normal PC games like BF2 can be 3D-ized. I recall looking into it a long time ago… maybe I should look into it again. Met up with Ida Maya too, from ze old primary school. It was great being able to catch up with her. 🙂

note to self

some links for me to look at when i get home. 😛

widcomm bluetooth drivers:

needed for this to work:

and this as well:


Here’s a currently popular Indonesian/Malay song playing on radios everywhere. But modified. 🙂

Lagu: Teman Tapi Mesra (versi Kelantan )

kawe punyo saing
saing sepermaine
Kemano ado dio selalu ado kawe

Dio amak come
Jugo baik hati
Dio selalu ado waktu
Untuk tulong kawe

Namung kawe bengooww
Ketiko dio ghoyak cinto
De dio jugok ghoyak
Tuk ingin jadi gewe kawe

Reff :
Cukup lah sajow saing nge kawe
Jange demo mitok lebih
Kawe tok ser mengcintai demo
Kito bersaing sajo
saing tapi mesro

kawe meme berkene pado diri demo
Namun kawe ado gewe doh
Lebih baik kito bersaing sajo
Kito bersaing sajo
saing tapi mesro..

late nights again

As many of you know, I’m not really good at managing time. In the past few months there’s been a lull in the things that I ‘d like to do, so I find myself going to sleep early and all that.

Now, those days seem to be gone. Thanks to my installation of xchat on this web server, I can now resume all the manga downloads I’ve stopped reading since moving my computer from the living room to my lil cramped personal space. I’m doing an alphabetical browse of things I’ve missed and I’ve only reached ‘Ai’, which is AirGear. Read that up to Vol 7 and that kept me up to 1.30am :O

Before the browse, I’ve specifically searched for the latest chapters of GantZ, Alita, & Battle Royale. More to come I guess. And now that my boss is doing a load of downloading via Streamyx, I can even pilfer some seasons of TV shows like Lost and some movies from him. 😀

At the same time, I’ve been catching up on some of the old movies that I never got around to watch. Since I’ve had to wait for my sis before I can go home, I’ve been spending my time after hours at the office watching Dude, Where’s My Car?, Elektra, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and a few other things. And since this is her last week, it seems that she’ll be more late than usual, and my movie supplier is not here! 🙁

All this watching and reading… Seems like a form of escapism. Missing something… someone… 😉

why dell = cheap

scammers. just found out that my flatscreen panel may be 6bit instead of true color 8. i knew something was amiss when shades of black were not flush from before, and i guess this confirms my suspicions.

6bit panels actually can accomodate only 262k colors, but with help from dithering and stuff like that, it seems like 16.2mil colors.

8bit panels are native at 16.7mil colors.

smart of them for omitting such info from their product pages. my mind starts asking questions, such as are those people online who gave good reviews to the dell monitors really happy? they might be, considering that dell was using higher-end samsung panels at first, then later decided to downgrade to the lower quality ones which i seem to be stuck with. yay to dell for consumer friendly practices. not.

i will never ever buy another dell. ever.

i don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

here are the lyrics for one particularly addictive song i aoverheard on the US cartoon network while i was there. enjoy. and don’t ask me how to get the song itself. 😛

Artist: Animaniacs
Song: The Monkey Song
Album: Variety Pack

One Monday morning, I got up late
And there were these monkeys, outside ze gate
Ze guard went to stop them but he had no luck
The monkeys got free and they ran amok

I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

My office was run by ze studio nurse
I came downstairs und what could be worse?
Ze monkeys was doing a crazy dance
They put buggies in my underpants

I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
Monkeys dance day and night and stew
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

I ran outside to get a stick
But I tell you friends, those monkeys was quick
‘Cause when I returned, much to my disgrace
Those monkeys had the nurse in a mad embrace

Nurse:I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
Yako:For a nickel, I’ll give you a clue
Dot:I didn’t know your eyes were blue
I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

I went to me bath for a shower and shave
The monkeys gonna put me into my grave
The entire bathroom was laid to waste
And they shaved my head with minty toothpaste

I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
They is crazy nutso, I’m telling you
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

Well by zis time I was feeling dread
Zey was using a shoe brush to shine me head
I asked them to leave but they stayed around
Zey pulled the chain and ee! I went down

I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
Call my lawyer, I’m ready to sue
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

Well my patients ran out and I’m telling you sure
Tomorrow I show those monkeys the door
And if they don’t leave, I’m inviting you
To my house for dumplings and monkey stew

I don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
Now I’m in the stew, oh pooh!
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do
Watch out for monkeys, I’m telling you
-Don’t know what to say, the monkeys won’t do

We’re not monkeys, we’re just cuckoo
Don’t know what to say, the Warners won’t do

another weekend gone

and another 6-day work begins.

putting more time into WoW lately. switching between realms just to expend my rested status. downloaded some ratDVD versions of The O.C. season 2, but the quality was quite poor so i might just grab a set from ES.

also cleaned up my room a bit. i can finally see the floor now. 😛