01 Aug 2006

mtv is evil

01 Aug 2006

I wanted to watch Fergie’s new London Bridge video and her site pointed me to MTV which then asked me to install an ActiveX extension for Firefox. I thought sure, why not, cuz I could always uninstall it later. So after loading MTV Overdrive, watching an ad, then waiting a few more minutes for the video to load, I get the following message:

“Music videos can only be viewed in the US”


So then I gave up, and popped open Firefox’s Extensions page to uninstall whatever it was that MTV had me installed. Surprise surprise, nothing! It took me a while to google a solution, which was to delete the npmozax.dll file from Firefox’s plugins subdirectory [source].

Moral of the story: Just stick to torrents.

Anyways, I’ve finished reading Death Note! An excellently twisted ending. Yummy. Now on to Berserk and other things.

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  1. andrew August 11th, 2006 10:39AM


    and MTV is evil it did the same to me, thaks for the tip, blocked mtv.com and .ca completely, fergie is hot and screw mtv, tried to watch it in library on ie, but got some network issue of their and ended up seeing it on yahoo music!


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