09 Aug 2006

DotA online

09 Aug 2006

[DotA] + [PvPGN] = reduction in travel = saving of cost.

PvPGN server address = here.

Voice chat = [XFire] Group Chat: The Brotherhood.


[update 10/8/2006 11.30pm]

So far, the current configuration only allows me (the local client) to host our games. Some additional address translation must be done by the server to handle the local addresses of the other players behind their respective routers. This isn’t a problem if a player is directly connected to the Internet.

So, brothers, you’ll need to do this to host games if I’m not around:-

1 – Sign up for [TZO] or [DynDNS]. This is to avoid hardcoding your addresses on the server. Configure your dynamic hostname on your router so that it is automatically refreshed whenever you’re connected.

2 – Use a static IP on your LAN. This keeps you from having to change your router’s port forwarding rules every time your IP address changes.

3 – Set your game port. Go to Warcraft 3’s Game Options and set your game port as per the following list. This has to be unique for each player so that the game server’s address translation can identify you properly:
– myuu – 6114
– merv – 6115
– fish – 6116
– andyb – 6117
– az – 6118

4 – Lastly, let me know your dynamic hostname, and your local static address to be configured at my end.

Of course, we haven’t actually tested this. But theoretically it should work. 😛 Because all the server does is tell all participating players the IP address of the game host, and then they’ll connect to that host directly. Since you guys are behind routers, I’m guessing your PCs are reporting your LAN addresses to the server instead of your Internet addresses.

We’ll see how it goes with Fish’s connection this weekend.

[update 11/8/2006 2.00am]

Hmm.. the PvPGN support forums say that it shouldn’t be a problem at my end at all. Basically all clients behind routers should have their selected game ports (whatever it is, default 6112) forwarded to their hosting LAN address. Both TCP and UDP must be forwarded.

So guys, do this first, then we’ll try the previous solution.

[update 12/8/2006 1:27am]

Yes, forget all that nonsense, and configure Windows Firewall properly. 😛 But of course, a static LAN IP is still recommended.

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