28 Aug 2006

return to chaos

28 Aug 2006

i’m back. damn it’s hot here. and sticky. water tastes more metallic. and there’s work to be done on Monday. :O

it’ll be a while before i manage to compile all my photos. i’ll need them to recall what i’ve done and seen the past week. yes, i have short term memory loss. 😛 nazreen has yet to send me pictures taken via her T1 too.

anyways, sunday was indeed a very nice rest day. was in bed most of the time. downloaded silent hill overnight cuz i couldn’t wait to see it, but now that i have, i’m rather shocked. i’ll talk more abt that after the ‘read more’ link (spoiler alert!).

our arrival at klia on saturday night went pretty smooth. the baggage came out late, as usual, so we had a lot of time to look around the DFS shops. mom did a bit of shopping on the plane, and i had discouraged her to purchase a second item. only later did i feel guilty, for that thing would’ve been something to help her improve her health. remind me to look up ‘cosamine’ later.

fish arrived just on time to pick us up. since we didn’t have much more luggage, it was the same arrangement as when we departed. we then brought back dinner from kfc, and watched part of the MU game.

anyways, i’m still feeling lethargic even after all the napping i did today. stupid neighbors and their stupid weekend hammering. really, some people just lack the decency to live in this world.

as a t-shirt my brother saw said: some people are simply alive because it’s illegal to kill them.

i should’ve bought that.

back to the silent hill movie: i’m extremely apalled that they decided to kill off Cybil, and it such a gruesome manner. the poor thing. 🙁 and generally, while the ambience is VERY captivating, somehow the whole package didn’t come out quite right. really, these directors should know better than to mess with the original game’s epic storylines. it’s already hard enough to understand the game, let alone a 2 1/2 hr movie remake.

Alessa should be in a wheelchair,
characters from Silent Hill 2 should be in a sequel and not crammed into this movie,
Alessa’s barb wire revenge is soooooo lame,
the limbo world concept sucks,
the characters should’ve retained their original names from the game, and
the movie ending kills the precedent for Silent Hill 3.

To sum it up: no justice at all. No on-screen justice for Resident Evil. Almost none as well for Silent Hill.

Thank God Spiderman is around to lighten up the season.

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