18 Sep 2006

plentiful weekend

18 Sep 2006

whee. sis came home. sydney pictures now in hand! MCE remote also in hand! πŸ˜€ saturday was spent in Shah Alam at her UiTM convocation. grats to her for getting the Vice Chancellor’s Award, and grats to her on her Bank Negara scholarship.

sunday saw me started on my two washing machine intake project. while i’ve assembled all the parts a few times (acquired from Home-Fix) it’s still incomplete cuz it still leaks despite the amount of Teflon i put on it. was supposed to try again today, but then i found this: http://timewarp.sourceforge.net/. me and azuan will be online more often now. πŸ˜›

i was also fiddling with my MCE remote, trying to get it to work with MediaPortal. so far, i’ve tried a few configurations, but can’t quite get what i want exactly. MediaPortal natively supports the remote, but since my pc is not a full htpc yet, there’s no way to run/invoke MediaPortal in the first place. on the other hand, i can install HIP with the MCE remote plugin, but that means i’ll have to reset the MediaPortal key assignments. so close, yet so far.

at the same time, i’m also fiddling with the remote’s PC on/off button, which lets me put the PC on S3 standby mode via the remote, but so far i’m having trouble getting the PC back on again (well, it turns on, but as a complete boot instead of a resume from standby). Research shows i might have some non-ACPI compliant drivers, so i need to try and unplug as many devices as possible and see if the problem persists. if it does, it might mean a windows xp reinstall. we’ll see how it goes.

S3 standby is desired for HTPCs because it lets your computer standby with minimal current. everything is turned off including fans, except your RAM which needs to store your session data before the suspend. It’s basically similar to the Hibernate feature, but with your data in RAM rather than the hard drive. both types are actually part of ACPI.

so that XP reinstall is very possible. cuz how cool is it to be able to turn on and off your pc with a remote? πŸ˜€

[ edit ]

because TimeWarp is such a huge download, and i only want to play the SuperMelee component, i’m going to get its TW-Light version instead.

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