27 Sep 2006

specialists are important because…

27 Sep 2006

… i can’t DIY for nuts.

here’s a shout out to all plumbers and electricians! 🙂

you know how most guys are always itching to start their own little home improvement projects? you can include me in that group. problem is i lack knowledge of some of the finer details when it comes to breaking and patching up walls or putting threaded galvanised pipes together.

sure, fixing toilet flushes and seats i can do. but that doesn’t require much skill. 😛

it kinda sucks, cuz i have all these tools left behind by my dad, and can’t use them to their fullest potential. altho, i should prolly get rid of some of the rusty ones. heck, maybe just get rid of all of them and find some trustworthy and skilled professionals to do the work.

me, i’ll just stick to making holes in my computer and software and the toilets.

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