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Steve Irwin, you will be missed.

Some interesting spam:

I need a new theme. Thinking Doukutsu.

games, games, games!

Happy Merdeka Day!

To celebrate, the gang and I took our machines to Bodhi Tree for a day of LAN fun! While it was supposed to start in the morning, I went to visit my dear cousin at SJMC, so I was rather late and missed a round of DotA. But the company’s good, the food’s good, and I still managed to clock in a few hours of DotA, and Midtown Madness 2. MM2 is old, but such a superbly fun game. I was playing with my face streaming with tears due to the constant laughter. It’s too bad Microsoft didn’t release MM3 for the PC.

Anyway, as part of finding an alternative for MM2, I’m on my way to acquire Micro Machines V4, which is basically.. racing those tiny cars across household terrains. I played the Micro Machines 2 demo a long time ago, and had some nice memories of it. Another game that I liked was Re-Volt, which lets you race RC cars. But if I recall correctly the network play was a little problematic.

During the LAN party, Az passed me a copy of Doukutsu Monogatari, which is a Japanese freeware RPG side-scroller game that was translated to English (i.e. Cave Story). So I got hooked and finished it today. 😛 While the graphics presentation is retro, the game design is awesome and attention was paid to detail like character animations and scroll effects. The plot is riveting, and is quite… adult. Adult as in you can expect elements as you would expect from adult fiction, minus the sex. 😛 And blood. 😛 Anyways, I loved the stereo soundtrack. Might just try to rip it.

Post LAN party: wedding in Gombak.

So it’s (actually relative to this post, was) Saturday. My company finally adopted a 5-day week policy. No more wasting weekends at the office, yippie! Had lunch with Fish and Khay Hoi then mahjong then balik for Doukutsu and Crimsonland (survival score: 2.6m, just 200k shy of Fish’s score).

The highlight of the day was having played MOHAA online with Fish. We used Hamachi to create a zero-configuration VPN (our network name is #bangsar, what else? :D). Hamachi works like most chat programs, except that its main purpose is to create virtual LANs. Yummy! That also means I can turn off my PvPGN server too, since Hamachi supports Warcraft III as well.

A list of Hamachi games connectivity guides can be found here.

Oz pics still en route. 😛