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s3 resume again

Thinking how my overclocking is keeping my computer from S3 resuming properly, I went around looking for some utility that would overclock the computer on the fly when certain programs are run. So that my computer would only overclock when I needed to, leaving the rest of the time ready for standby mode.

SpeedFan has a function that lets you change the clock speed based on CPU load, but it didn’t seem to work.

After scouring the net for a bit, I found a link to RM Clock via Guru3D. It somehow works on the power management features of the CPU/motherboard. So I set it to use a Power Saving profile that I had set to throttle the CPU to 50% when a standby/hibernate command is issued.

Either that made it work, or as Az aptly mentioned, a Systems Engineer solution of ‘keep trying till it works’. 😛

Yippie. Will test this further at my usual clock of 3.75GHz.

mmm.. technology.

a radio station that learns what you like to listen to:

a [Hamachi] fallback: [OpenVPN]. i think i’ve set up my vpn server just nicely. now all i need are some guinea pigs.

i need to start working on my abandoned projects, namely the garage and myuucon. who knows, they might become secondary earners.

so close, yet…

my pursuit for a successful S3 resume has ended in failure. it breaks cuz i’m overclocking my FSB, and might have something to do with the 865 chipset whose timings go haywire when a non-standard FSB is used.

it seems to work if I drop my overclock to 3.6GHz, but my wi-fi connection becomes erratic after that. haven’t thoroughly tested it on stock settings, but i definitely need to overclock on my gaming machine. 😛

i’ll just have to wait for the remaining components for a proper htpc.

anyways, the tw-light thing we tried earlier failed catastrophically. azuan’s ships were self-destructing upon respawn, so we didn’t even get a chance to play a proper game. hopefully the developers will fix it. seems that they might try using a third party network library.

also, sydney photos are up! here’s the link: i usually integrate pictures into the entry, but in this case the albums are nested, so nothing will show. too lazy to write myself a parser. 😛

plentiful weekend

whee. sis came home. sydney pictures now in hand! MCE remote also in hand! 😀 saturday was spent in Shah Alam at her UiTM convocation. grats to her for getting the Vice Chancellor’s Award, and grats to her on her Bank Negara scholarship.

sunday saw me started on my two washing machine intake project. while i’ve assembled all the parts a few times (acquired from Home-Fix) it’s still incomplete cuz it still leaks despite the amount of Teflon i put on it. was supposed to try again today, but then i found this: me and azuan will be online more often now. 😛

i was also fiddling with my MCE remote, trying to get it to work with MediaPortal. so far, i’ve tried a few configurations, but can’t quite get what i want exactly. MediaPortal natively supports the remote, but since my pc is not a full htpc yet, there’s no way to run/invoke MediaPortal in the first place. on the other hand, i can install HIP with the MCE remote plugin, but that means i’ll have to reset the MediaPortal key assignments. so close, yet so far.

at the same time, i’m also fiddling with the remote’s PC on/off button, which lets me put the PC on S3 standby mode via the remote, but so far i’m having trouble getting the PC back on again (well, it turns on, but as a complete boot instead of a resume from standby). Research shows i might have some non-ACPI compliant drivers, so i need to try and unplug as many devices as possible and see if the problem persists. if it does, it might mean a windows xp reinstall. we’ll see how it goes.

S3 standby is desired for HTPCs because it lets your computer standby with minimal current. everything is turned off including fans, except your RAM which needs to store your session data before the suspend. It’s basically similar to the Hibernate feature, but with your data in RAM rather than the hard drive. both types are actually part of ACPI.

so that XP reinstall is very possible. cuz how cool is it to be able to turn on and off your pc with a remote? 😀

[ edit ]

because TimeWarp is such a huge download, and i only want to play the SuperMelee component, i’m going to get its TW-Light version instead.

shooting yourself in the foot

: host[] said: 550 Your IP address is being blacklisted by SenderBase. Please go to to check for more details. (in reply to RCPT TO

. . . . . I really don’t know what to say.

gnome 2.14 + 768mb memory = no no

server performance has been pretty bad as of late. i’ve been running portupgrade over the past few days to get all my programs updated to their latest versions. actually, it was mainly to fix the Scanerss plugin for Azureus that seemed to require the latest version of Java SWT, but that didn’t work.

anyways, i’m now at Gnome 2.14. and i didn’t read the upgrade FAQ. 😛 and i think my dependencies are shot (i just select the first option in pkgdb -F without realising there are others). so the server is pretty bloated right now. every morning i find the server running out of swap space, and i’m not sure what causes it. guess it’s time to take out that 256MB ram and replace it with my spare 2GB set.

mom and i are still in cold war mode. oh well.

people problems

how do you tell a grown up that his coming late to work, his sleeping at the office, and his constant disappearing acts are not appreciated?

or since his behavior is rather childish, we can treat him the same way you discipline a child? or perhaps some quick counseling will suffice?


it’s been a long day. you wanna get home. although it wasn’t all that bad, and the mood was still good.

the drive home takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. no problem. lots of chit chat along the way. so far so good.

then we get to a jammed junction near sunway. it’s a shortcut. we cut in. she keeps talking, telling me to look out for this and that. fine.

then i was a little slow in closing the gap in front of me. a car cuts in. not so fine anymore. she starts chiding me, condescendingly mocking my driving. why am i so slow? why did i let the car in? grrr.

so just to continue the conversation in a lighter tone, i replied that the girl in the passenger seat was staring at me and i just stared back. then she starts attacking that fact, saying i’m easily distracted, saying things that make you feel like the whole day of keeping her company was a damned waste of time. telling me how girls distract me so easily, and how i’ve lost my Iman. and she keeps going on and on while i’m trying to negotiate lane switches because this car that just cut in was just acting fuctup.

so i snapped. just because i let one car cut in doesn’t mean i’m a bad driver. heck, if you think my driving is so bad, go drive yourself to some remote kampung in selangor. why make me haul myself there, wanting to help you out since you’re soooo old and helpless and all that, then start nagging me like i don’t deserve to be in the driver’s seat?

and while we’re on the subject of iman, maybe i already have gone down the wrong path. maybe i’m doomed to go to hell and burn for eternity. yeah, that girl took one look into my eyes and sucked my soul out. please lah, she’s not even that good looking. if i set my standards that low i might be hitched by now. and i thought you were worried about me still being single?

but you might be right. i am easily manipulated by the opposite sex. moms included.

more games!

hooray for vector graphics!:

hooray for doukutsu! looks like i’ll need to replay the game in order to get all the captures i need for my new theme. oh well, it’s just another 4 hours, give or take.

hooray for dota! me go lookie at dota forums for game mechanics, as advised by rising expert fish.

now, back to 1920×1200 gridwars. 🙂