17 Nov 2006

first impressions

17 Nov 2006

italians seem pretty nice. especially ones willing enough to leave their country and experience the world.
jusco member sales are mad. the amount of people and the amount of traffic are.. horrific. good discounts though.

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  1. Ash November 18th, 2006 8:27PM

    Hey Rudy! How are you?
    Never underestimate the capacity of Malaysians to shop! He he he he. I was there at the Jusco sale and nearly got trampled by greedy Malaysian shoppers bargain hunting, and buying things they’d never use just because it was bloody cheap! 😛

  2. myuu November 20th, 2006 7:34PM

    hmmm yeah… kinda like how i almost bought myself a red pair of rm80 speedo swim shorts. no size though. 🙁

    shorts ya.. not those sexy types.


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