27 Nov 2006

6-day gauntlet

27 Nov 2006


Level 1: eloquence: explaining a program bug that made a mess to users.


Level 2: orientation: driving to Kompleks Antarabangsa, KL, without knowing exactly where it is. well, i thought it was along Raja Chulan, but it was actually on Sultan Ismail nearby.


Level 3: reflex: driving to Kompleks Antarabangsa, KL, with the usual route being blocked by traffic police. Tun Perak closed.

Level 4: being an informed buyer: went to Low Yat to buy a CCD webcam. Cycom guy (Ah Hei or something) tells me the camera is slow on the demo computer because the demo computer is USB 1.1. thinking something is amiss, i double check in Device Manager. guy gets offended cuz i don’t believe him and makes a scene. i just buy the damn thing anyway.


Level 5: confrontation: the webcam doesn’t seem to perform on my home computer. went back to Cycom to check. they (Darren) installed it to another PC that has 2.0 USB (something which I think they should’ve done in the first place). seems fine. reiterated their need to upgrade their demo PC. Ah Hei continues his “we are honest people” argument. in any case Darren was helpful enough, so I didn’t care what Ah Hei thinks.


Level 6: patience: attempted to reinstall windows, since i didn’t do so when i changed my motherboard hoping that it’ll fix the USB problems (slow, s3 resume). system partition somehow got corrupted after installing sp2 (and i wasn’t even overclocking). had to reformat system drive, losing all my emails and maybe some pictures. computer seems slower after i successfully reinstalled everything though. grr.


Level 7: health: down with fever. started off with a sore throat saturday morning from friday night’s BBQ at shud’s place with USC alumni. went to dispensary twice to get medication and mc.

Level 8: big boss: had to explain the program bug and proposed solutions again to the users’ GM. while being sick too.

And what did I get at the end: nothing, really.

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  1. myuu November 29th, 2006 6:32PM

    Level 5.5: went to sri computer. tried to exchange 2 fan grills labeled 8cm, when they were actually 9cm, for actual 8cm ones. got into heated arguments with the guy behind the service counter and the boss, uncle leong. bloody fuctup cuz they’re the ones who labeled them wrongly, and could care less for the customers that bought them.

    and it’s funny how people get personal in the heat of the moment. i say, “but you labeled them that way!” with them = the shop.

    and the service guy replies, “no i didn’t”. what an idiot.

    last time when i said i wanted sri computer at section 14.. i take it back.

  2. ichaya November 30th, 2006 11:38PM

    girls and 1 boy 😛 one of the girls’ bf’s la hahaha. wahhh i’m so looking forward to mtg up with you in kl!!!!

  3. myuu December 1st, 2006 9:30AM

    chey.. buang karan onli. 🙂


  1. day of infamy at purrgatory

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