10 Dec 2006


10 Dec 2006

that’s the first and the last time i drive that fast. 😛 unless there’s another emergency, of course.

that was the speed i had to drive this morning, to get my dear cuzzie to the LCCT for her flight to bangkok. thankfully, we barely made it in time. we’d be earlier if it wasn’t for the waja not having any fuel, or the fact that we didn’t realise that jalan pudu was a very long road and we got on it facing the wrong direction. thanks to wan yee we were able to recover and get out of kl fast.

damn those traffic lights in sepang.

after that was a nice relaxing ride home at 130km/h. and a nice breakfast at merv’s.

choc buffet was good. now i know how the rest feel about not being able to stomach chocolate for the following months after. had a pleasant evening with ichaya and her friends, including myztika whom i’ve known online but had yet to meet, and santhi and kay who’ve been mentioned on their blogs. chocolate or no chocolate, it’s always great to hang out with good company.

“i’ve heard enough from you” was how my interview on friday ended. i applied for a managerial position, just to see how i’d do. but it seems the big kahuna had no interest in what i had to say, nor did he seem willing to give me a chance at the job. oh well, i’m sure he can find many many other qualified candidates. too bad they’re more than unwilling.

no rest for the wicked: mom woke me up at 1pm to go out for lunch. i’m pretty sure i was enjoying my dream up till then, but the contents evade me. went to the curve where my bro got his haircut, and i got a little bit of reading done at borders. lunch at ikea was a bad decision, cuz it was jam-packed with people. soda machine was broken too, and only one coffee machine to satisfy the long line of caffeine addicts.

got a call from the office abt some problem they noticed with my modules. went there and got it fixed in 2 hours, then stayed another 2 just to keep the payroll team company. our employees need not worry; they’ll still get their salaries on time.

met merv and wife at kfc for dinner. then ran back home to continue staring at the computer screen, like this……………

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  1. myztika December 11th, 2006 10:35AM

    heya, we had a great time at the buffet too! thks for the company!

    and guess wat i had yday night and this morn? nutella sandwiches! haha, so much for not looking at chocs for a year. 😛

    i wish i had been able to eat more at the buffet tho. it was soooo good…

  2. myuu December 11th, 2006 11:34AM

    same here. i was rather disappointed with myself.

    oh well, come by again in 3 months and we’ll try to do better. 😀

    oh, and nutella has hazelnut, so it doesn’t really count. 🙂

  3. ichaya December 18th, 2006 12:16AM

    hey sweetie! thanks so much for the ride, ya, hair-rasing tho it was hahahaha

  4. myuu December 18th, 2006 6:18PM

    the pleasure, and adrenaline rush, was all mine. 🙂


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