11 Dec 2006

busker’s carnival

11 Dec 2006

i forgot to add.. we went looking for the busker’s carnival after the choc buffet, but we got confused by the fact that they had 2 venues: 1 for the actual carnival at the asian heritage row, and another for the party at the beach club. i should’ve thought to research the event first rather than thinking that our guests know exactly where’s what. oh well, lack of insight on my part.

now all we need is a driving khairil so that we can ferry more people around.

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  1. si1vara December 12th, 2006 11:27AM

    Heya myuu!! You know what?! Apparently we all had this magazine in our hotel rooms (KLLifestyle or sthg) which had EVERYTHING on the Buskers’ Festival but none of us bothered to leaf through it. ‘Cos we all thot it was just another one of those useless mags they leave around for tourists. Dammit!! :p

  2. myuu December 12th, 2006 4:49PM

    lol. that’s kinda ironic. oh well, now we know. 🙂


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