11 Dec 2006


11 Dec 2006

so here i go, taking the kelisa through roads undriven.

picked up khairil’s luggage from mom’s office. then cut across kiara to kerinchi link. but not before being stopped by police for speeding. 16km/h above 80, he says. i did not fight, i only accepted my fate. but then he said, first time ok, next time saman. was He looking out for me, or maybe it’s because my face looked really young and innocent, or maybe the student sticker on the car. either way, i saved 300 there.

but from there my luck took a wrong turn. whenever i’m alone with khairil in the car i’m always compelled to nag him, especially after he’d done something to wrong my mom in the days before. and i usually blow my top, and after that a long one-sided awkward silence (yes, i’d still continue lecturing). but usually i crack due to some other non-related event. like him dropping my phone, or like him not knowing the way to his camp when said he knew (due to road signs being stolen). i know i shouldn’t act that way, but whenever i have to go out on a limb for him, my mind just goes into extremely-annoyed mode.

i’d really really like to have lots of nice and motivating things to say to him.. but.. i just can’t grasp any.

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