18 Jan 2007


18 Jan 2007

valeria and patrizia treated us to a wonderful italian dinner tonight. we were at patrizia’s place at the corinthian, whose penthouse had a great view of KLCC.

appetizers were bruschettas (sche actually pronounced with a hard ke instead of a shh), with tuna spread, butter, the tomato salsa thingie, and salmon slices. then we had soup with chickpeas imported from italy. 😛

main course was pasta ala homemade pesto, which you can taste the basil because it’s freshly made. and with it came the best lasagna i’ve ever had in my entire life. the texture, the restraint in the taste, was just perfect. gratzi, valeria. squisito!

then we had this eggplant thingie.. and then this calf thingie.. man, my short term memory’s shot. : i remember dessert tho… pears with gorgonzola and walnuts. and valeria’s own homemade tiramisu. it’s rare to find tiramisu made by actual italians. 🙂

at the table were me, my mom, my aunt cyn, uncle jimmy,his son simon, valeria and patrizia. simon was the heart of the party, with his seemingly endless knowledge of food from around the world. you know as they say, food is a universal language. we talked about raw urchins, chou tofu, canoli, tempoyak, etc. yeah, the full spectrum.

and this to be continued next week with pandamaran seafood. XD

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