05 Feb 2007

mad monday

05 Feb 2007

damned malaysian drivers.

no signals. main rempuh masuk. bloody mofos like cicak only.

couldn’t get much work done at the office today. still trying to normalize back to the weekday schedule after a long 4-day weekend. yes, i took leave on Friday, mainly to play WoW all weekend long.

i’m level 27 now. another 43 levels to go. 😛

still, one cannot work too hard too much. read this example. i find myself work in a month-length biorhythm, working super hard for weeks, then slowing down for a breather for the next few. works for me so far. and definitely still much better than the certain select individuals in the office.

ps: fear my multitasking skillz. read a few pages of Darren Shan’s Lord Loss on the way home. 😛

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