24 Feb 2007

Shadowfang Keep

24 Feb 2007

well, i’m still stuck at Hillsbrad. the next item on the guide tells me i need to take out a level 37 yeti. definitely need some company for this. so instead i did a quick SFK run while the relatives are out. got myself a [item]3748[/item] and a [item]6392[/item], but at my level they may be replaced soon.

chump change compared to what all my guildies are getting. 😛 after this will see me taking a break from WoW for a few days. have to go outstation for a roadshow till wednesday. should’ve bought that notebook earlier. 😛

btw, i found out i can just feed my Auctioneer links from WoW right into ItemStats. beats having to do searches on Allakhazam or Thottbot.

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