20 Mar 2007

8 hours of downtime

20 Mar 2007

that’s how long realm maintenance will be tonight. so definitely no after-work-WoW. hopefully that means i’ll also be sleeping early. but there are downloads to watch! 😀

i’m now at early level 49. still pondering whether i should stay in this range and grind the battlegrounds or continue levelling to 70. will probably just continue, cuz i’ve found a lot of good peeps around my level range. we had such one good group over the weekend, and we covered Maraudon. [item]17732[/item] dropped for me. 🙂

at the same time, my professions are quite high now. 250 tailoring and 225 enchanting. can’t do much abt enchanting, cuz the damned master enchanter is in Uldaman, and i can’t solo it yet. meh. but my tailoring level has allowed me to get my full Dreamweave set ([item]10041[/item][item]10019[/item][item]10021[/item]), replacing [item]9470[/item] and [item]18083[/item] i got from ZF earlier. at the cost of a ton of gold though, buying Mageweave via the auction house. :

oh well, back to reading Lady Friday and stuff.

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