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Life according to the tofu man…

As the day draws nearer to moving out, I find my decision making processes being affected by simple words of wisdom by the tofu seller in the market. Given my bustling schedule at the shop, I’ve not much choice but to do most of my moving in the evening or at night, which is fine by me. However, my father being the traditional Chinese custom-observing person that he is, insisted that all moving be done in daylight, including the official move. So, postponement number 1 was from Friday (27th April) to Monday (30th April).
Bearing in mind that my mother in law and wife were due to arrive on Tuesday afternoon, I wanted to ensure that we would have been living there already. So, to my surprise, dad suddenly told me yesterday that there were changes in the plans. It went something like this…

Dad: Boy, don’t move in on Monday morning.
Me: Why so?
Dad: I just checked with the tofu seller in the market for a suitable date, and he said Wednesday at 11am would be the best time.
Me: *speechless*

And so it is that I have to postpone the move again. It really is rather interesting, that the venerable tofu seller is able to give an “ideal” time for moving in, the belief in it being that observing such customs would ensure a good living in the premises.

My question is, how the devil does he come to be the resident expert? Does he have some degree in astrology? Was it a conclusion he arrived at with the help of darts and a calendar? And why in the world do we still follow superstition? Especially me? The Christian. Okay, so I don’t go to church often. Alright alright, I haven’t been since last year. But doesn’t mean that I’m not a CHristian, just a non-practising one at that. To place beliefs in superstition is said to be an invitation to the Devil, so I’d rather not. Besides, I’m bloody lazy to follow said practices.

So, in closing, I believe the tofu selling business is a very knowledgeable line of work. Making and selling tofu, accomplished drift racers and better yet, all relatives of Lilian Too.

last minute tax filing


Every single year I’d submit my tax forms on the very last day. Today’s Saturday, so that’d be 2 more days. A lot of time by my standards, but I was a tad worried a while ago when I realised there are no PDF auto-calculating versions of the BE form this year. And I was mainly freaking out because I only found out just before I had to send my brother to class, and if I decided to go register for e-Filing I might have to drive all the way to Kelana Jaya across the lunch hour jam. Which I did in somewhat, since I had to go to SS4 to drop off a cheque, but having to cross the LDP was kinda frightening.

But anyways, I got home and finally opened my mailed-in BE form. And lo and behold, my e-Filing PIN was printed inside. Doh!

I’ll still need to mail in my dividend slips though.. sigh.


i’ve actually decided to stop blogging every single WoW instance drop i get, since that would actually be a whole lot to blog about. but i just couldn’t pass this up.

was taking my time grinding level 64-65 Windrocs in Nagrand for a Nesingwary quest, when this dropped: [item]29729[/item].

median AH price is 800g. which basically covers my flying mount riding skill. XD

is that what it is?

i think i’ve figured something about myself that makes me feel usually unsatisfied with things: i don’t like to be interrupted.

it’s time to sleep, but i still have that gajillion xp to gain another level in WoW!

it’s time to leave work, but i still haven’t figured out how to make this program work!

hence the tough time for me to get to work on time, and the late nights at the office. my previous 8-to-5 resolution was more of a lashback against certain company policies, but i find that i can’t keep it up, especially in my current position.

sigh, oh well.

watch this…

hi-quality version here

now watch this:-

i just love the japanese. now to kacau Fish for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime. as well as the Dave Eddings boox. 😛

now go dance along bukit bintang!

The Departed… departing rather

I’m leavingggggggggggggg on the L trainnnnnnnnnnnnn
Don’t know when I’ll be back againnnnnnnnnnnnnn (tomorrow actually)
Oh man, I hate to gooooooooooooooooooooo

Departing: Bangsar
Arriving: Setiawangsa, Ampang
Purpose of journey performed: Signed document, without realizing repercussions of said action
Period of stay: Unknown…

After 27 years of existence, am leaving the ever-so-familiar neighborhood of Bangsar Baru for the unknown in Setiawangsa, Ampang with my wife. Not so bad, considering that it’s a brand new apartment, with 2 parking lots, fairly adequate security screening for blocking some unwanted visitors. Also, there’s an LRT station directly across the guardhouse which would be an alternative to making countless journeys into town (provided you travel with gas mask or lots of air fresheners… blocked noses are acceptable too). The feeling of having once’s own place is somewhat daunting, yet highly irresistible. No more unwanted visitors, choosing whatever furniture you want which you can afford, late night outs without check-ins with the upper authorities… On top of which, is near to the shop where I work so it’s a good thing.

But one thing remains… it ain’t no Bangsar. It will never be Bangsar. Some might say that it is elitist to say that only Bangsar’s cool and all others not. Honestly, it’s not about the glam or the posh living. Rather the accessibility of shops, and mostly friends who still reside there and are likely to continue residing there even after they’ve married (or filling the other half of their king-sized beds with anime CDs).

Already in the midst of preparing for the move, what with the furniture acquisitions and renovation works. Looks fun, looks promising and so far I’ve got one thing to say…

kaki gembira~

just watched Happy Feet while eating KFC. ah, such a feel good movie. XD the baby penguins are soo cute~!

looked for the School Rumble manga but it’s all gone! licensed! 🙁

i can’t wait for season 4 of BSG! it’s gonna be interesting!

7 episodes of Lost to watch! last episode of Rome to watch! and House!

but instead, i WoW. XD

jom makan!

after having our tummies happily filled at Jogoya monday night, it’s time to look for more food!

guys, let’s go here: Cava

colleague review:
main course
do try the prime ribs, bake cod serve with pasta, pealla is rice dish from Spain (serve 2)
tapas:- they do serve escargot,Spanish lamb boulette is very good
desert:- Chocolate Dream, i think this is the name, just describe it’s the hot crusted outer layer chocolate cake with melting chocolate inside.. the chef may need 20 mins to prepare. Most gals just dying to eat this even they had their dinner elsewhere. Trust me, if you are not going to eat dinner there, just order this as dessert, sit there and u love it man!

or here: Opus Bistro

colleague review:
(next door, same management but different kitchen)
i know u like seafood but dont order seafood antipasti platter.. i dunno.. i dont like it.
try the cod fish – with lemon caper sauce – fantastic!!!
wayu beef is superb – imported beef which was specially massaged, texture is so good, very tender & juicy ..yumm..
Set lunch is only 18++ – drinks, main course & dessert 🙂
dont worry! it’s halal, the chefs in both restaurant are malays. 🙂
U will see lots of datuk there.. and sometimes celebrity like models & actress or miss malaysia. I have seen bernard chandran’s sister there… err.. what’s her name?! Best time to go is on Friday and Sat.

food! food! food!