28 May 2007

it’s an emo world

28 May 2007

last week, colleagues ‘tak puas hati’ when i gave up my superb cubicle location to another. this was during our 5S reshuffling.

last night, some visitor was making a fuss at the guardhouse. tons of yelling and screaming, even some broken windows.

this morning, on fly.fm’s fix-it, two friends lose it over a car (and probably a girl). ouch.

susah man this world.

anyways, looks like i won’t be getting my upgrade soon. i had 2 friends going to the US (one’s already there, the other probably there as well) but none of them have gotten back to me.


which is probably a good thing, since i’ll be saving 4k. then again, i’ve been losing FPS during 25-man raids in WoW, something quite unexpected.

so… anyone else going to the US? or coming back? >_<

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  1. Ash May 28th, 2007 6:50PM

    Yoi! I’m going to the US… but only in 2008! Ha ha ha ha. 😛


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