08 Jul 2007

this year’s top-hated establishments

08 Jul 2007

A list to be updated as the year passes, contains a bunch of entities I’ve come to despise.

1. UiTM – For issuing the wrong convocation DVD, taking it back, and forgetting to replace it. We paid RM30 for it. The sum is of no consequence, but it’s just the idea of them thinking they can treat their administrative tasks so lightly. If you can’t handle simple distribution of media, how can you ensure the quality of our local education?

2. Astro – For somehow screwing up my reception after a few packages were dropped. For making it worse after I called their tech support. For charging RM50 to get a technician to come. Beware, a traditional monopoly in the making!

3. TMnet – For treating their home Streamyx customers like shit by ways of throttling and very bad routing. For leaving front line support to the hands of idiots. And for being smug about it.

More to come~

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  1. piffs July 9th, 2007 11:27AM

    agreed! astro and tmnet are really crap with services. but then again, we all know that customer service in m’sia for most corporations/companies or establishments are sadly just lacking.


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