08 Aug 2007

when the going gets tough

08 Aug 2007

Today’s course is called Unzipping Employee Potential Through Coaching and Mentoring. Don’t ask me why they used that particular verb. But anyway, we just spent 1 hour listening to someone complaining about performance moderation. And the speakers countering with bell curves and whatnot. But even if it’s not entirely related, the speakers have to address it to ensure the participants’ minds don’t close up to the topic at hand.

It’s funny to hear these grouses during these occasions. But these dissenting voices pretty much reflect the opinions of most of us. Management says every one of us is a good worker, but we know that’s bullshit. They’re not willing to drop the nonperformers, nor tremendously award their excellent workers either. The unions don’t care about us; most of the mare old fogies who are content with their 35-day annual leave and full medical benefits till death. They don’t realise that property prices have skyrocketed, leaving young couples living very far away from the main office. Well, hopefully they wake up from the sudden turnover rate increase lately. Otherwise, say byebye to more talent.

That might mean me.

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