20 Aug 2007


20 Aug 2007

With me being emo the past few weeks, I barely had time to update on the going-ons. Well, I would’ve, if I wasn’t raiding so much. My WoW-playing has actually been tapering down, but it’s now back on top cuz I’m starting to enjoy PvP Battlegrounds. Killing other players kinda gives you this added satisfaction.

Dear cuzzies Hemlocke & ichaya were down from Singapore on the 8th. It was great having them around, and it’s not because I’m forced to make my room livable. ^_^ Wish I could’ve spent more time with them though, but yea, work sucks. But I think they were quite content being left alone to shop around town. 🙂

Weekend of the 11th saw me and my mom at Morib to pick up a friend, then over in Melaka to look at the mussel farming business. While the adults were talking business, I just curled in and slept through the whole discussion. I’ve been driving the whole morning and it was awfully tiring. After everything was said and done we headed back to Morib, then back to KL. Only got home about 8.30, missing that night’s raid by minutes. Can’t remember what I did the next day… or was it the day before? Mmm.. yea, i think I serviced the car the day before. And I missed the Kara raid that day too.

Weekend of the 18th. Went to CIMB’s Mega Auction Carnival at PWTC Saturday morning with mom and Feruz. Auctions are quite exciting in real life. Didn’t get anything of course.. no $. Got home in time for Kara, barely. At night, BBQ at Zoe’s place. Mmmmm lamb chops. Mmmmm fondue. Mmmmm chocolate fondue on vanilla ice cream.

Slept the whole morning Sunday (well not really, since I started sleeping at 4am), and then dinner at RSYC after looking at a prawn farm. Yeah, been having awfully busy weekends.

Now I only have 3 days to pack and get ready for my Gold Coast trip this Friday. Prolly gonna drop by Mid Valley tonight to get some money changed. On Thursday I’ll be in Colmar Tropicale for some sort of management briefing session. Was supposed to be there till Friday, but if I stay I’ll miss my flight. So yeah, day trip to Bukit Tinggi, then get on a flight the next morning. It’s going to be sooo tiring.

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