05 Oct 2007

away from keyboard

05 Oct 2007


Yep, raids are off for me till Raya. There’s just so many things to do before hand. All the cleaning, the eating, the dating, and yet I haven’t really had the chance to maximise the latter activities.

Just within these 2 days, I’ve had to turn down 4 outings: Thursday dinner w/ Fai-chan, Thursday dinner w/ colleagues, Friday dinner w/ a vendor, and Friday salsa with the YKLS’ians. But tis all for a good reason, staying home and keeping my mom company (i.e. obey her cleaning schedule).

Come to think of it, I’ve been out so much this year, compared to last. Most of the time with Fai-chan, of course <nyaa =^-^=>. Still, there’s another week of yummy buffets to ‘raid’, and I’ve yet to hear any high school/primary school buka puasa reunion plans (hope they didn’t forget to call me >_<). No confirmation yet on buka puasa with Tiff and Fish either.

Oh well, think I’ll just worry about the weekend for now. Have to make plenty of trips to the pasar tani for ketupat and rendang orders, the grocer, PKNS for misc food and clothes, and Masjid India for cloth. And of course, lots of cleaning in between. There’s gonna be a lot of trash coming out of the house the next few days. ^_^;

And I still haven’t picked up a new hard drive for the server. Gotta slot that in somehow. On the other hand, Fish and I will be ordering our soundcards from Newegg earlier than expected, to take advantage of a rebate offer. <3 cuzzies for helping us out. ^_^

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