31 Oct 2007


31 Oct 2007

The guild leader has now associated me with cornflakes. Good for nutrition, but for WoW it’s a bad tag to have. It basically describes someone who’s unreliable because he/she has been missing a lot of raids, and being AFK. So yes, I am now a flake, be it the ones you eat or the ones that fall off your hair.

I am rather saddened by this. It’s not like I want to miss taking down the bosses and doing things with the guild, but there’s just so many things happening right now that I must see to. My life is not as dandy such that I only have myself to care about. My family needs me, and my friends miss me. So what’s a guy got to do?

But anyways, I’m hoping that my flakiness won’t last. Hopefully I can sort out a schedule that works for all. But if that still doesn’t cut it, then I might as well quit.

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