05 Nov 2007


05 Nov 2007

Monday night: Kill Kael’thas Sunstrider. We’ve made certain progress on him, being able to survive all of Phase 3 and somewhat into Phase 4. Pyroblast timers haven’t been to accurate, so Julz couldn’t time his shield buff properly and kept getting one-shotted. Hopefully we’ll get him this time.

Tuesday night: My old old neighbor back in D’sara Heights will be back from London for a week. Gonna grab him for some good ol’ M’sian food. I’m thinking banana leaf.

Wednesday night: With all raid instances resetting the night before, we’ll probably start Tempest Keep again to down A’lar, Void Reaver, and Solarian. OR, if we manage to kill Kael’thas on Monday, we’d probably try our hand at Mount Hyjal. Woohoo, new content finally~!

Thursday morning/afternoon: Hang out. RE4? Karaoke? :O

Thursday night: Bring mom to a Deepavali open house. Indian food! *drool* I really miss good Indian curry.. Getting hungry just thinking about it. Hopefully tis not one of those standard buffet type layouts with a good selection but nothing particularly spectacular.

Friday night: Pack for Singapore… Gonna miss you more… -_- Spent most of the weekend with Fai-chan and her family. Never seems enough though. ^_^

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