22 Mar 2008


22 Mar 2008


long time no blog. hello blog!

hmmm nothing much to add this time. just the usual rant against Malaysian traffic. my uncle passed away last week, so i was back in kampung for a while. been ordering an assortment of items from New York. ^_^ unfortunately none of them are computer-related. received a comment from whom i initially thought was my WoW guildmate Bends, but then i wondered when he started on all this spiritual stuff? :O

bendz spiritual healing. :O

speaking of WoW, i’ve terminated my subscription for the moment. last call for Mongoose up till the 12th of April. 😛 will return next year, for shure. ^_^

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  1. Ash March 23rd, 2008 10:36PM

    Wah finally an update. Meow back to you. Ingatkan dah quit blogging dah. He he he. 😛


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