April 2008

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wtf ppl

what the health minister said about 1/2 an hour waits is cock. it only holds true if the sole purpose of going to a hospital is to get your temperature and blood pressure measured. after that it’s another 3 1/2 hours wait for actual consultation and treatment.

and if you make patients wait that long, please don’t charge RM1 an hour for parking. what the fuck do we pay taxes for?

on the way to pay my RM5 for 5 hours of waiting at UH, i stumble across this huge family making their way to the hospital elevator. despite having so many free hands in the family, none of them bothered to keep an arm on the little toddler who almost ran into a passing car. I had to be the bloody one hold him back before his FACE makes an impression on that Toyota’s bumper. Sheez…

in between the UH main wing and the emergency wing is a small walkway connecting the two places. being a Sunday, someone decided that it was ok to renovate that connection. That fact itself is fine, but please lah, put up signs to show people alternate routes across.