27 Nov 2008

the old maids of lim dental surgery, pj state

27 Nov 2008

Faizah and I are a little ticked with this dentist at the moment. Its staff still insists on doing things the old way, when things have already progressed beyond pen and paper.

What I’m talking about is their membership as one of our company’s panel dentist. Our system has vastly improved, with online eligibility checks available for any participating clinic. Claims can be submitted online and processed centrally by the company’s payment department.

But here we have Lim Dental Surgery, which still insists on a ‘panel selection’ letter from our office. Their staff remain stubborn, even after we repeatedly tell them that it’s no longer required. Even our own admin staff, clerks, and Welfare Department say that it’s no longer necessary.

So why does this particular clinic still do things the old way? Can’t they afford a PC and an internet connection? Or are their staff just too resistant to change? I suppose it’s usually the old people who dislike learning new things. You know, as the saying goes.

From what we can tell from their office, they’re still pretty much set doing what they’re doing right now. Yellow registration cards to keep track of patients, etc. I think the only thing that’s going on for them are the purportedly good doctors.

But it looks like Faizah and I will never know, because we’ll never set foot into that clinic ever again. And if anyone asks for a good dentist, LDS will not be mentioned, at least in any good way. Sure, you might want to stick to your old archaic ways, but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude or ignore your customers. Just another example of how this country will never be a leader in the service industry.

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  1. Siang January 12th, 2009 12:19PM

    it’s the same dental clinic that i go to….. and it’s the cheapest in the market.

  2. myuu February 16th, 2009 10:44AM

    that might be true, but they can at least do more to keep their customers. maybe they just have too many and don’t really care.


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