30 Mar 2009

the astro monopoly

30 Mar 2009

Astro signal went gonecase Saturday afternoon. No channels whatsoever on both decoders. Thought it could be related to Earth Hour, so it was only Sunday morning that we reported it to Astro Customer Service. While the service rep was friendly and all….

RM50 for a visit from a technician!!!!

And that doesn’t include parts. I surely hope my problem is just misalignment.

What’s a consumer to do. It’s not like I can say “No, forget it! I’ll just switch to another network!”. We need our dose of tele, and only Astro can provide our fix of F1 and whatnot. At one point there was miTV, but it had so few channels you tend to wonder whether Astro grabbed exclusive broadcasting rights. Exclusive of course equals premium fees, and who else pays these fees but the customers?

Technology-wise, miTV had the right direction. Making use of DVB Terrestrial instead of DVB Satellite, its signals could withstand our usual rainy weather patterns.

Oh well, hopefully things’ll change in the future. Give me ATSC any time~!

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  1. myuu April 2nd, 2009 8:44AM

    It was lightning that took out my dish. An extra RM40 to pay. 🙁


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