04 May 2009

wow update

04 May 2009

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. As you may have noticed we’ve hit level 80 for quite a bit. We’ve also joined a relatively big guild that’s prepping for the newer 25-man raids.

So the order of the day is to hit as many heroics as possible to prep us for 10-man raiding. The guild currently has 4 Naxx teams, but it seems gearing is a problem so we won’t volunteer our membership to those groups just yet. As a matter of fact I volunteered for Kel’thuzad the other day and we didn’t do very well. πŸ˜›

So far, we now have experience with Utgarde Pinnacle (pain in the ass), Utgarde Keep (cake), Violet Hold (painless). Wish we could do more, but we don’t have much time for WoW after work, considering other things we need to do. There’s also the world events Achievements that we’re gunning for, and so far we’ve gotten Noble Gardener and For The Children. Still a lot more to cover for our Violet Proto-Drakes. πŸ˜€

Besides all that, some things we need to do:-

  • Get dual talent specialization. Main SV spec for PvP and raiding, and secondary BM spec for solo-ing old instances and raids. We just managed to collect another 1k gold after splurging on epic flying.
  • Get glyphs for both our specs.
  • Rep up WotLK factions for better gear.
  • Level up a Turtle. We tried doing Black Morass with a level 79 Cat but couldn’t get past 2nd boss. Tried again with a level 75 Bear but we almost wiped, then ran out of arrows before the 3rd boss. -_- Fai ran out for arrows, but by the time she got back I was already overwhelmed and missed a Mend Pet on the bear. A level 80 Turtle would’ve been good that time.
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