14 May 2009


14 May 2009

good news:

Ran Heroic Naxxramas, Plague & Spider Quarters last night with the guild plus a few pugs. Picked up Leggings of Colossal Strides and Fool’s Trial. Continuing tonight for the other quarters.

bad news:

My graphics card might be faulty. PC kept shutting down and refusing to boot up until after a few minutes, only to die again. Each time it recovers I need to reconfigure my BIOS. A quick google search showed a huge failure rate on GTX 280 cards, with them hitting 110 degrees only after a few minutes of use. I need to go back home and verify that my card is indeed hitting those temperatures, and if it is, see if I can mitigate the problem by improving airflow. Anything to avoid sending the card back to the US for RMA and possibly getting another defective card anyway.

Ended up having to raid on my notebook last night. 🙁

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