11 Feb 2010

2-month mega update~!

11 Feb 2010

Hello world! While you’ve not heard from me for so long, trust me, a lot has happened in the meantime. Sorry for the lack of updates, though.

We were in JB for a wedding in Singapore, and we met this tiny grey kitten wandering alone at an open-air restaurant close to where we were staying. It was a rainy day and we were there for lunch, so as we sat down it would park itself between our feet for warmth. It would do this for all of us seated at the table, until it settled down atop of my left foot, its front paws tucked in above my foot and its head shaded by my pant leg. We were tempted to take it home, but it was a long journey back to KL and so it didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.

Since then, we’ve always had it on our minds, and we regretted having left it behind. This led the both of us, Faizah and I, to develop this constantly growing yearning to get felines of our own. These feelings continued to grow till one day we met an old schoolmate of mine at a wedding, and turns out she’s a vet with Zoo Negara. She told us that there were plenty of strays captured at the zoo to keep them from infecting the larger cats with possible disease (or possibly eaten by one!). They were usually sent to SPCA, but if we were interested we could take one ourselves. And boy, were we interested! It didn’t take us long to make a visit, and by then we choose this handsome teen of a ginger tabby we named Shcamper. We also visited the SPCA nearby to see if we can pick up any companions for Shcamper, and took a gorgeous female grey tabby we named Chewmil. This happened over a span of 2 weekends, of course, as we had to think things through and logistically and mentally prepare to bring them into our home.

Go on over to Ayin’s blog for piccies: Introducing two new additions to the family.

It’s been about a month now since we took them in. Most of the time, they’d be in their self-sufficient 4-tier cage outside in the porch or we’d bring them in to play for a while after work. They were wary of each other at first, always hissing at each other on eye-contact, but they slowly warmed up and are now the best of friends. While we love them to bits, they’re not quite affectionate as we’d liked, but hopefully this will change in time. Chewmil is like the mistress of the house, while Shcamper enjoys bounding up and down the house with his seemingly limitless energy. We’ve plans to toilet train them, so if that works hopefully we’ll be able to keep them in the house where it’s more comfortable and safe.

I have an iPhone 3GS. 😀 and Faizah has an iPod Touch. I <3. Blizzard seems to have an interest in these gadgets, releasing free Armory and Authenticator apps for them. While I use mine mainly as a phone, and Fai mainly uses hers for music, the availability of so many apps makes them just so very useful, especially when we’re bored on a flight. Never leave home without ’em. 🙂

The things we do for WoW. Fai’s machine is now a Core i5 with an ATI HD5870 video card, for faster dungeon load times and smoother graphics. It may not be as snappy as a Core i7, but the difference is barely noticeable, and it has plenty of overclocking potential. 😀 I’ll update the specs in the Machines page right after this.

As far as raiding goes, the guild is pretty much farming the first 4 bosses of Icecrown Citadel. There’s still generally a lot of issues going into Plagueworks, but hopefully we’ll get them sorted out. In any case, things are getting easier with the constant boss nerfs and the upcoming zone-wide Ashen Verdict buff.

Farewell, Mario
The old Pentium 4 server that hosted this site as well as related services since 2001 has finally been shut down. Mario, then named Phoenix, was originally a Pentium 3 machine I built and used during my college days in the US. As newer machines were purchased, old hardware were reused, turning Mario into what it is today. It still remains intact at the ‘datacenter’ in Section 16 until we decide what to do with it.

That’s not the end for this site though. All important contents were successfully migrated to a virtual machine running on Alexstrasza. We’re now on a newer FreeBSD operating system with less installed clutter. The host machine runs on Windows 7 RC, which sometimes decides to restart itself without restarting the VM. Don’t worry, we’ll be switching to a proper copy of Windows 7 soon. 😛

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