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death note movie

oops. turns out the death note movie is really a film adaptation of the manga. and it’s japanese too. thought that it’d be an american version, since it was part of a recent promotion recently. and the promotion (guess what the note says, or something like that), didn’t give a true depiction of what the movie is about.

unless there really is an american version. :O


my bro left my limited edition ffx-2 memory card at my sister’s boyfriend’s houseeeeeeeeeee~

who knows how long it has been and whether it’s still thereeeeeeeeee~

memory card (rm140) + resp mask (rm40) = rm180? and that’s just looking at the monetary value. 🙁

home team vs external audit

forgot to note this before the weekend. there was a major fuss between the company and our auditors on the closing meeting. the lead auditor refused to back off on an issue, with the home team adamant that there really is no issue. actually, i kinda understood what the guy was trying to prove, but he just didn’t make it clear enough and didn’t really expose SAP’s capabilities in that context.

and i wasn’t going to help him either. beware the company whip! 🙂