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Butterscotch Bread

I remember when Gardenia’s Butterscotch bread first came out. People were literally waiting for the bread guy to stock the shelves (I think it was every Wednesday) before snapping them all up like piranhas, and they were gone in a flash. At that point in time I was working in Menara TM, and since I always came in pretty early I had the small advantage of grabbing a couple from the MyNews downstairs first thing in the morning. Lucky me.

Years passed, and the novelty wore off. Until one day, I got to know Faizal and he mentioned how he’d always bring butterscotch bread back to the States whenever he’s here on holiday. We spoke briefly about how I love to bake bread, and he suggested I try figuring out how to make homemade butterscotch bread. Why didn’t I think of this? I made a mental note to seriously give this a shot. Soon after, I found butterscotch chips at Bake With Yen. It’s a sign!

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Pizzaman (Japanese Steamed Pizza Buns)

I’ve always loved Japan and so many things about it, the language, the culture, and of course their food. Japanese konbini or convenience store food is practically a whole unique segment of Japanese cuisine, and one of their most fascinating food items is pizzaman, literally a steamed bun stuffed with pizza-flavored filling.

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Homemade Italian Sausage

In my earlier days of cooking I focused on one chef in particular – Emeril Lagasse. His recipes often called for Italian, Spanish chorizo or Andouille sausages, and oftentimes I could only obtain Italian sausages at more upmarket grocers like Village Grocer or B.I.G. Even then, there was only one type available, and I couldn’t differentiate between the sweet or hot varieties the recipes called for. Fast forward many years later, when looking at the basic sausage sauce recipe from one of my pizza cookbooks, I decided to make my own Italian sausages.

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Copycat McDonald’s Chicken Sausage McMuffins

One of my guilty pleasures is the McDonald’s breakfast menu. I particularly like their Sausage McMuffins (even better with egg). But nowadays breakfast ends earlier at 10:30am and I always end up missing the window, and of late I also noticed that their sausage patties are insanely salty. It could be just me getting older and my body is instinctively rejecting salt for the sake of my blood pressure, but in any case, I got inspired to make my own.

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Air-fryer Donat Susu

As always, during the month of Ramadan, the uber-famous Malaysian cooking content creator Khairul Aming (@khairulaming) shared a video of him making Donat Susu, which apparently went viral for some time. Honestly I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw his post, nonetheless the idea of using sweetened condensed milk in bread dough *and* dipping fluffy donuts into a mixture of powdered milk and sugar was too compelling to resist.

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Japanese-style Pandan Coconut Milk Bread

The quest for making the best pandan coconut bread started when Gardenia launched their specialty Pandan Kelapa bread, which was nice and had gula melaka chunks within. For a while it was practically impossible to find the bread in stores, apparently people wait for the bread guy to load the shelves then dive in like piranhas to grab one. After a few tries experimenting with different ingredients and fillings, I finally made a successful version.

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Breadmaker Garlic Cheese Bread

I try to bake a fresh loaf of bread at least once a week, and usually I would alternate between a sweet loaf and a savory one. Last week I reattempted the Condensed Milk Bread with some improvements, so this week I wanted something savory. This Garlic Cheese bread came up in my Youtube feed and looked really good, another promising recipe by Savor Easy.

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Ryzen Build: Part 2

This was a pretty straightforward installation. I had to dismount the GPU from the case to give me access to the middle PCIe 16x slot that was behind it. Using the lowest slot wasn’t feasible, as the riser cable is quite long and I didn’t want to fold it too much.

I noticed that the initial installation of the CableMod Vertical Riser Kit has caused the expansion slots to bend outwards due to pressure from the HDMI cables; will deal with that another time. Haha.

After that I was going to put in a right angle USB3.0 adapter or two to hide the USB3.0 header that was sticking out from behind the cable bar. Somehow just decided to stuff it at the back there somewhere. Had some trouble remounting the back of the case as I was too lazy to take the PC off the shelf.

The AverMedia LiveGamer 4K solves my issue of multi-channel LPCM pass-through from my PS4 Pro to my TV, but maybe due to the length of the cables (2x 3m UGREEN HDMI 2.1 cables) or the capture device itself, the PS4 Pro is now complaining about lack of bandwidth available in the HDMI 2.0 protocol. Currently fine if I drop the number of channels down from 7.1 to 5.1, which I guess is sufficient since I have a 5.1.2 setup. Gonna try moving my PC to the other side of the TV and using shorter cables to see if it helps.

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