Ryzen Build: Part 3
30 Dec 2020

Ryzen Build: Part 3

30 Dec 2020

It’s organ-selling RTX 3090 time!

Saw the ASUS STRIX OC RTX3090 available on Lazada a few days before 12.12. Didn’t think stocks would last till the year-end sale, so I just grabbed it at full price.

And boy, was it pricey. Here’s a meme photo to that effect:

I still have my right lung, truly. 🙂

Per the video, you can read some of the main lessons learnt while doing this switch. I have a motherboard that supported PCI-E 4.0, which I suppose has been running at 3.0 all this while due to the riser cables and the motherboard knew it needed to step down for them (I have two installed, one for the GPU and one for the capture card). Putting in a new GPU that supported PCI-E 4.0 seems to make the motherboard forget about the riser cables, and it needed to be forced in the BIOS down to 3.0.

Other things that were not mentioned:

  • The DisplayPort cable that I connected is actually meant to be directly connected to a DisplayPort monitor, so it’s a male to male connector. I didn’t realize this as I thought it was supposed to be an extension (i.e. male to female), and since I wanted to connect it to an HDMI monitor, I bought and adapter which was unfortunately male to female.

    The DisplayPort to HDMI adapter would normally just plug in directly to the GPU, but due to the limited space of the vertical riser kit’s slots, I couldn’t do that. The only option would be to connect it at the other end of the cable.

    So I had to acquire another part, a female to female DisplayPort adapter. Hopefully it won’t be too bad with these bunch of chained adapters, but I don’t really care much about the quality of the picture coming out of the 2nd QLED monitor. It’s mainly used just for stream monitoring and stress testing anyway.

Actually, that’s all. 😀 Hope you enjoyed the video.

Consolidated build post: https://purrfectbliss.com/2020/08/28/ryzen-build-2020/ for parts #1 and #2!

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