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tokyo jihen

so after before our ftk last night, fellow guildie Nick whispered me to check out Tokyo Jihen & Shiina Ringo. which i did this morning. nice tunes, but Sounan sounds nicest so far:


Yumekukan is this awesome karaoke place in Plaza Mon’t Kiara (Sunrise) with a huge selection of Japanese and English songs. Imagine two yellow-pages-sized books, one for each of them! Fai-chan was totally at home when we were there, rockin’ the mic with her awesome voice and expert Jap-reading skillz. I couldn’t keep up with lyrics in most fast songs, but I think I’ve improved quite a bit from that one session. Still have major problems with katakana and kanji though. >_< Oh well, renshuu renshuu~!

Tomorrow night we’ll be catching Beowulf. Hope they don’t censor too much~

singapore = food + music

Nope, not promoting Singapore in general. But leave me in the hands of my Singaporean relatives and I’m immersed in a blown-out food fiesta! I swear each time I’m there I feel like I’ve gained kilos but tis mere illusion blown away as soon as I reach home.

Sat Lunch: Mak Tam’s homemade briyani (3 servings) and awesome fried chicken.
Sat Dinner: More briyani~! And more chicken!
Sat Supper: Tidbits from Jogja~ spinach and mushroom crisps~
Sun Breakfast: Singapore Murtabak!
Sun Lunch: Mak Tam’s homemade lontong~! More chicken!
Sun Dinner: Ria’s Ayam Penyet~!
Mon Breakfast: simple breakfast ^_^
Mon Lunch: Char kuew teow at Banquet
Mon Dinner: Mak Abang’s awesome chicken rice!!!!
Sometime in Mon: Bakerzin’s Desire, and choco-banana macaroon~
Tues Breakfast: simple breakfast again ^_^
Tues Lunch: Mak Abang’s awesome chicken rice again!!
Tues Dinner: Shared pasta at TCC
Tues Supper: Shish kebab at Al-Majlis on Arab St + banana split~
Wed Breakfast: Kacang pol~
Wed Lunch: Islamic’s mutton briyani~

Thanks so much to ichaya for taking care of me during my stay. ^_^ Even managed to catch up with most of the Twit Gang on Monday night when they came over for chicken rice. XD Darryl is just hilarious! Too bad Lizzie no want to come out. <pout>

Also managed to catch the R-21 version Lust, Caution. Porn scenes aside, the movie was actually pretty good. ^_^ Still, wish I could get that image of Tony Leung’s <bleeps> out of my mind. Argh!

Later went to the Asian Heritage Museum to take a look at the Nalanda trail exhibition. It does bring back distant memories of Asian culture studies back from the day. I went to a similar exhibit once in LA to do a paper on Asian artifacts; sure feels nostalgic.

The Linkin Park concert itself was a blast!! We started an hour late cuz they were taking their time letting people in but once it started all gripes disappeared in the energy of the performance. They played a good mix of their old and new songs, so us loyal oldies had a really good time singing along to Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Feels like age is catching up to me though: my arms were aching from the constant waving (handbanging? XD)  and I couldn’t last standing through the whole thing (stopped to sit awhile during a light song). But yeah, well worth the trip! ^_^

On a side note, my niece and nephew have grown. Afiq is hefty for a 6-year old, and his antics are amusing as always. Najiha is just adorable as always, but still shy shy since I haven’t seen her for so long. A strong-minded one that one. ^_^;;


Watched P Ramlee The Musical on Sunday. It was really good, beyond my initial expectations. The group performances were alright, but it was the solos that totally hit the spot. Siti Nurhaliza and Liza Hanim’s songs were so good that I had goose bumps most of the time, and their lyrics were so meaningful as well. Sean Ghazi was just brilliant, and totally blew us away with his performance. Stage props were interesting, and well used as well. ^_^

Plus I had the pleasant company of Fai-chan and her mom, and that compounded the entire happy effect. 🙂

Tis another 2 weeks till my bro sits for his SPM, so there’s a huge amount of cramming to be done till then. Daily classes have put a major dent in the amount of things I can do in my time, but it’s this time that he needs our support most, so I’ll just have to suck it up. ^_^ Besides, I still managed to squeeze in some quality time with Fai-chan here and there. Hee.

WoW guild is still trying to lay the smack down on Kael’thas. 5 phases altogether, but we’ve only managed to survive up to phase 4. Coordination is just a lil lacking, and people were just having trouble paying attention to everything that’s going on. Mom’s guests tonight will be coming early, so I’m hoping to make the raid to take down the mini bosses I need for Black Temple.

Am now on a TV series marathon, catching up with the new seasons of House, Heroes, Prison Break, and Californication. Heroes and Prison Break remains interesting, and House is awesome as always. Californications is… risque, but behind all the sex lies a good story about an author (played by David Duchovny) trying to get his act back together. Haven’t looked up Battlestar Galactica though… I should do that soon.

There’s no longer any doubt that I’ll be going to Singapore and Sydney within the next two months. Leave has all been approved, and modes of transportation booked and purchased. I’m pretty much all good in ichaya’s hands for Singapore, with plans of yummy food and desserts. For Sydney, there’s a few more logistics issues to sort out. First of all I MUST find something to do for the 8-10 hour AirAsia flight. Was originally thinking of a PSP, but a book would be more prudent. *suddenly remembers Merv’s iPod Touch and starts drooling* We’ll be landing at Coolangatta along the Gold Coast, so we need to figure out how to get to Sydney and think about anything we’d like to do or see along the way. Ugh, am already dreading the 15-hour bus ride down. Looks like I’ll need a book bag.

a weekend to remember~

It started out really bad. Late Friday afternoon we realised that our payroll/time customisations were not robust enough to allow us to run off-cycle any time we want. Seeing how we discovered this after the fact, we had to reverse postings and results for 3 off cycle runs, for roughly 26K employees each.

And that took us approximately 21 hours. Had to break fast at Secret Recipe downstairs, and sahur at McDonalds Bangsar. After that, we had to rearrange those 3 runs and rerun them again in the proper sequence. And that took another 14 hours, finishing off at 5am on Sunday.

I managed to get myself back home at 4pm Saturday. Had the chance to squeeze in some chat time with Fai-chan before taking a quick 5-7 snooze in time for dinner. I was still feeling lightheaded due to lack of sleep, but managed to get myself together for a short drive to Unique Seafood just down the road. We were to meet Aunt Cyn with her Italian client, Patrizia, her sis Regina and her hubby Franco. We also had Irene and Uncle Jimmy join us. Standard fare of seafood, but the highlight was the crab fried in salted egg yolk. Dry, but yummy~ It was unfortunate that I was a bit too sleepy to stuff myself. +_+

After dropping the family back home, I took a slow drive back to the office to check on things. My Imgr was already there, with a bucket of KFC ^_^. Took a bit of time to catch up on things, as well as a very engrossed discussion on old cartoons with the Team Leads in the darkened sky garden, before I realised that another night at the office won’t do me good at all.

Sunday morning I found myself waking up to the sunlight. T’was already 11.30am by then. Spent some time having a lovely sleepy chat with Fai-chan, before hitting the shower. Managed to catch a glimpse of the Japan GP (Go Hamilton!) on my way out to see Mai perform in Young KL Singers’ Move it!

The performance this time was to commemorate YKLS’ 5th anniversary, and they included a variety of melodies, mostly repeated from their previous performances. Some songs gave me goose bumps, but still my preferred performance was still Beat It, Sing It!

Since there were no short intermissions for dress changes, the performance ended rather early, giving me a good 2 hours to spare. This time was well spent hanging out with Fai-chan at her place. Although the time was short, it was really great having spent some time with her, being close to her. Totally erased the horror I faced hours earlier, and it totally casts a veil over anything exciting that I may have done this week. Totemo ureshikatta~ ^_^ Also stayed for buka with Fai-chan and her mom, who are both adorable. I apologise for having left so abruptly after that…

The weekend ends with the YKLS cast party, held again at Chef & Brew. 70’s was the theme, but no I didn’t dress for it. 😛 But as always, it’s all fun for the cast, and the guests can only partially share their enjoyment after months of painstaking preparation. At some point, I may have regretted leaving Fai-chan’s place, but it was important that I be there to support Mai’s last performance with YKLS. But in any case, it was great to have been able to catch up with the other YKLS members that I know.. Annette, Mazlina, and the others. Hope to see you guys again next year. ^_^

reminiscence: visions of escaflowne

Visions of Escaflowne was one of the first animes I’ve ever watched. It’s engaging story and animation is probably the foremost reason why I’m into anime today.

I just suddenly felt like listening to some of its songs… Enjoy~

Maaya Sakamoto – Yakusoku wa Iranai

Maaya Sakamoto – Tomodachi

macam-macam ada…

Server was constantly hanging this morning, right after I restarted my torrents after clearing some space on the drives. Further checks revealed that it hangs during an fsck check on one of the 250GB drives, so I might actually have some bad sectors on it. Sigh, guess I’ll have to get another drive and move stuff over before it dies completely.

Gold Coast post is finally up. See previous post. ^_^ The pictures are supposed to be thumbnails, but somehow WPG2 decided to show the mid size versions instead. They’ve been scrunched in to fit the theme, but oh well, just click on em to see how it’s supposed to look like. Can’t add captions either, cuz G2’s edit photo options aren’t working somehow.

The visual editor for WordPress seems to be working fine again. Co-authors, feel free to enable it again in your profile to give it a go.

I now have a second monitor plugged in, so that I can chat on MSN and WoW at the same time. WoW now runs in maximised windowed mode, so that my mouse can actually leave the WoW area onto the 2nd display. I lose some FPS, but hey, it’s worth it. ^_^

Saturday night, Fai-chan and I, Shogun!
Yippie yay whoopie! Food for you and me!
Sashimi, tenpura, konyaku~ Kimochi datta yoo~
Sono ato de, karaoke! Minna ooki koe de!
Tanoshikatta yo~ Mou ichido, let’s go!

lament of the highborne

The exact origins of “Lament of the Highborne” have been lost to antiquity. Certainly the melody pre-dates the War of the Ancients, in which the song served as a lament for the fallen: a tribute to their steadfast bravery against overwhelming odds. Millennia later, the high elves of Quel’Thalas sang the lament, largely unaltered, in the Troll Wars. Here, too, the elves ultimately proved victorious, but they would not remain so. A plague of undeath swept through the human nation of Lordaeron in the Third War and converted many citizens into mindless undead minions of the Lich King. This army–the Scourge–invaded elven lands and decimated the populace, some of whom were raised into undeath and forced to join the Scourge.

As leader of the last elven defenders, Sylvanas Windrunner suffered a terrible fate: her spirit was ripped from her body and transformed into a banshee. When the Lich King’s power faltered, however, she and other undead were freed of Scourge control. She has since reclaimed her body and become queen of these undead rebels, the Forsaken. Although her heart is full of bitterness, she cannot forget the people she once loved… the kingdom she gave her life to defend.

Old post about this (I think) here:


Ahli Fiqir – 2 x 5

I like the tune.. tis really catchy. Love the music video as well. ^_^

Er no.. not because there are rubber duckies. Maybe… But yeah, those kids can dance!