22 Nov 2007


22 Nov 2007

Yumekukan is this awesome karaoke place in Plaza Mon’t Kiara (Sunrise) with a huge selection of Japanese and English songs. Imagine two yellow-pages-sized books, one for each of them! Fai-chan was totally at home when we were there, rockin’ the mic with her awesome voice and expert Jap-reading skillz. I couldn’t keep up with lyrics in most fast songs, but I think I’ve improved quite a bit from that one session. Still have major problems with katakana and kanji though. >_< Oh well, renshuu renshuu~!

Tomorrow night we’ll be catching Beowulf. Hope they don’t censor too much~

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  1. sookyee January 18th, 2008 10:55AM

    It’s so nice to have this place….~

    How much is the price for going in??

    And the lyrics are in kanji or hiragana/katakana?
    And can you choose to have the vocal singing?

    Sorry for asking so many things.

  2. myuu January 24th, 2008 9:49AM

    No worries sookyee. 🙂

    The price for peak hours (night and weekends) are RM10 per hour per person if I recall correctly.

    The lyrics are usually in hiragana, unless the words themselves are in katakana. Most kanji have furigana, but sometimes dun have.

    Also note that the remote control used is Japanese. The song directories is also in Japanese.

    As for enabling vocals, we haven’t tried that, so we don’t know. hehe.


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