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gong xi gong xi~!

happy chinese new year everyone! ^_^

been awfully busy this past week. firstly, a long lost uncle, Uncle LP, visits us from Brisbane, so we’ve been having dinner with him pretty much every night since Saturday. a huge family gathering at myElephant in section 17 where we had thai food, then a small one with just us at Hartamas Square. on Monday we had vegetarian at Kuan Yin (vegetarian suckling pig and frog legs! XD) with the extended family again, and tonight we’ll have another reunion dinner! woo, bz makan siot.

Sis is also going back to Sydney this Thursday, so we’re busy layaning her as well. ^_^ cuzzie and wife are also back from Hong Kong, so yeah, lots of people to meet and hang out with.

Sunburn and Sunflower Seeds..

Hmm.. my entries have become more sporadic as the days go by. Somehow putting in entries doesn’t belong anywhere in my Work or Play schedule.

Work: Been answering a lot of calls and making a lot of calls. Sigh, people just don’t take e-mail seriously. Especially the old lot. This remnant-of-a-broken-project should be done end of this month.. so hopefully things will look up then (woohoo more training!).

Play: Battlefield 1942. Finished the Allied campaign a few days ago. Now to play the good guys. Er, I mean the bad guys. Bah, who can tell these days?

A nice old couple we met during the coronation ball invited us to sail on their yacht last weekend. It was great! It’s nice having the sun on your skin after a long while. So nice that I didn’t put on any sunblock and got scorched. Ahh.. I look like a brown tapir now. Well, at least my cheeks look rosy. 😛 Pics to come!

Did I mention I watched The Hot Chick the weekend before? Great movie for a good laugh after a week of corporate slavery.

And what of sunflower seeds? I just like ’em. Yum!


I’m at home. I’m sitting at the computer. But I’m not playing SimCity 4. Well, not yet.

Streamyx is acting the way it should be, so at least I can download stuff I’ve been wanting for a while (more manga!). And my sister doesn’t seem to be mentioning anything about how gorgeous her city is. Luckily too, she hasn’t been able to find my Sims CD *sigh of relief*.

Ate lunch with the consultants at Chili’s today. Had a go with their Cajun Fajitas, and they’re really good! But it left me with an empty wallet and a sore throat. Hope it’s not SARS. We waited almost 45 minutes for our food, and I understand that it takes time to serve a big crowd, but heck, they shouldn’t expect people to wait that long! Plus they didn’t even let us sit inside (understaffed they said – what a load of bull). How can they not afford a full complement of workers when they charge astronomical prices for food that arrives after the first round of drinks?

Well, enough bitching for now. As I look back at the design of this site, a whole smackeroo of ideas flood my membranes (did that make sense?). But I’m not really the designer type, so I’ll just leave it at that. Don’t have a webcam, so no live pics. Have a digicam, but I’m not good at taking pics of myself. But I’ll put up something soon hopefully…

Note to self: must sleep early tonight!

Basara Chapter 43.
Don’t remember what else I downloaded.

PS: I’ll be attending some presentation on e-learning this Monday in Bangi. Woohoo, a chance to claim some mileage!

Bull..*t! Praise them once and the next day they kick you down the gutter. I’ve told you before about how Streamyx sucks. Well, that’s confirmed now, big time! It’s no longer an annoyance now; it’s a deliberate attempt to screw TMnet’s paying customers.

And why is it that cheap things here have to be crappy? Broadband elsewhere is cheap, but they’re nowhere at all fuctup like what we have here. And it’s not just TMnet cuz we have local cars like that too. ‘Belilah barangan Malaysia’, ‘Kualiti Malaysia’; Quality my fuckin’ ass!

The army’s moving in the right direction, but the soldiers are delinquents and the march is out-of-step!

Well, back to what was supposed to be yesterday’s entry.

There was concern in my unit that we may have to work over the full weekend to get some things ready for the next payroll (I’m in HR, btw). My brain didn’t readily accept the idea, so I geared up and somehow managed to finish everything last night (to my own amazement). Not that I’m usually lazy or anything, it’s just that when you’re doing work, you gotta keep in balance. I.e. not too hard but not too lembik. Can’t be too slow if you wanna keep your job and you can’t be too fast if you wanna preserve your sanity and keep your hair dark. Speaking of which, I already have 1 or 2 uban. 🙁

Two top dogs of the HR dept of my company took me out for tea. And I quite enjoyed it actually. Both of them had been working here since ages ago, but they were very friendly with us newbies. That’s one of my goals now: to still remain nice and friendly after years of corporate torture. There are a lot of bosses who seem like they have something stuck up their asses (and whirring at that), and they just think too highly of themselves.

Went for dinner with some colleagues at Seoul, Pantai Junction. The food’s good (maybe b’cause I cooked it? :D) and amazingly I didn’t suffer any digestive problems over the night.

After that, got home, couldn’t log onto the net, cursed, read newspapers instead. Yawn.

Manga downloaded and read before Streamyx downtime:
Agharta Volumes 1-2

Chop Chop, Back to Work!

This has been the slowest day at work (as far as I can recall). Most of my tasks have been delegated to others, so I spent most of the time fixing up VM‘s website and email system. Although they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, I’m not a true believer.

Well, Streamyx seems to be back to normal. Hopefully it stays that way. I just don’t see how service can be so bad. 4 years in the US, and my ISP never went down a single time (I know, because I was running a server 24/7). The prices were a lot better too. Something’s really wrong here don’t you think?

And no, I’m not in favor of the US president regardless of how much I speak highly of the US. As people say, a bad apple spoils the barrel or something like that. 😀

Manga being downloaded:
Basara Volume 11 Chapter 39
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip) Volume 7 Chapter 64
Beck Volume 10 Chapter 29!!!!!

Looks like the family’ll be going out for dinner tonight. No more food to cook at home, so it’s the first trip to TMC this month!