20 Mar 2003


20 Mar 2003

I’m at home. I’m sitting at the computer. But I’m not playing SimCity 4. Well, not yet.

Streamyx is acting the way it should be, so at least I can download stuff I’ve been wanting for a while (more manga!). And my sister doesn’t seem to be mentioning anything about how gorgeous her city is. Luckily too, she hasn’t been able to find my Sims CD *sigh of relief*.

Ate lunch with the consultants at Chili’s today. Had a go with their Cajun Fajitas, and they’re really good! But it left me with an empty wallet and a sore throat. Hope it’s not SARS. We waited almost 45 minutes for our food, and I understand that it takes time to serve a big crowd, but heck, they shouldn’t expect people to wait that long! Plus they didn’t even let us sit inside (understaffed they said – what a load of bull). How can they not afford a full complement of workers when they charge astronomical prices for food that arrives after the first round of drinks?

Well, enough bitching for now. As I look back at the design of this site, a whole smackeroo of ideas flood my membranes (did that make sense?). But I’m not really the designer type, so I’ll just leave it at that. Don’t have a webcam, so no live pics. Have a digicam, but I’m not good at taking pics of myself. But I’ll put up something soon hopefully…

Note to self: must sleep early tonight!

Basara Chapter 43.
Don’t remember what else I downloaded.

PS: I’ll be attending some presentation on e-learning this Monday in Bangi. Woohoo, a chance to claim some mileage!

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  1. potatoe March 23rd, 2003 7:26PM

    SARS can be transmitted through bodily fluids lar

  2. myuu March 24th, 2003 6:51PM

    Well, maybe someone licked the fajitas before serving them 😛


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