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i just wasted a good hour driving to Jln Parlimen and back home just because some luser thought it’s ok to call for a meeting with 2 hours notice. obviously this luser just lives by himself, cuz he can’t understand that people might have other business to take care of.

wasted time, wasted petrol, wasting my patience.

post post post

need to post more. the lolcat post below is the culprit, making my layout botched in IE. mmm, guess i’ll do Ash’s meme:

Meme Rules:
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It’s green and pink cuz I copied it from Ash’s site 😛

Check my blogroll for Ash’s link.

habit 1 – i like to sleep in lectures/training sessions. i dunno, the voices of the instructors always put me to sleep. whether monotonous, loud, or with thick indian accent, all are like lullabies. but no, i will not accept bedtime stories in indian accent, thanks.

habit 2 – i tend to swear my socks off at malaysian drivers when i’m driving alone. altho the swears are starting to come out  even with company. can’t be helped, our driving etiquette is terrible.

non-important thing 3 –  i keep all my ties readily tied up so i can quickly put them on in the morning. fai-chan says tis not good for the ties’ well being tho, but i won’t be able to worry about that soon enough. ^_^

habit 4 – for better or for worse, i try to see the positive side of everything. even when terrible things happen, or kena marah, or someone tells me something i don’t like, i’d get moody a bit, but then just continue to rationalise the situation for anything good. not sure if it’s better than blowing my top, but.. yeah.

non-important thing 5 – i like comfy high thread-count cotton bedding. 😛 saw really affordable 1000-count sheets in Brisbane, but i was out of money.

non-important thing 6 – i am hooked on the Fighter’s Club app on Facebook. surprising really. before this i was on Warbook, but gameplay wasn’t very well balanced, and i kept getting kicked down by people at the top. oh well, FC will be fine for me, at least till someone picks fights with me.
i tag: H-san, ichaya (get well soon, dear), Azuan (i know you’re reading this :P)

rant: there is a high possibility i will be leaving my company for greener pastures come november 19th this year. there’s just not enough income to support my lifestyle in this city. no point hanging around for medical benefits either, cuz there won’t be any more once we retire. and even if we stay on, say 20 years, we only get like 50x our last drawn salary. take into consideration the country’s inflation rate and our weak purchasing power, it’s really just peanuts.

iroiro na koto

ok ok, here’s my update. of things that’ve happened since we came back from oz. 😛

signed up for gym. Celebrity Fitness at 1u.  86 a month for 3 years. thinking back, maybe i should’ve just topped up another 1K for a lifetime membership. oh well… also paid extra for a trainer; level 3 fariq is his name. aka qael. ^_^;;

it’s funny how you only discipline yourself once you’re forced to pay money. gym and swimming pool at my condo remain unused. 😛 anyways, i’m on a tough regiment of exercise, so i’m usually aching from my 3x-per-week sessions. doesn’t help that i’m on a tough diet too, making me more lethargic than i usually am.

don’t get me wrong though. when i say tough diet i mean eating 8 potatoes, 15 egg whites, and 3 chicken breasts a day. enough to put a small ular sawa to sleep. 😛

been spending a lot of time wif my dearie~ bliss, just perfect bliss~

as for wow, i’m not able to raid as much with my guild friends as i’d like. feel kinda guilty leaving them half the time, but i just can’t help it with the plans i’m making this year. i’ll try to stick around till we drop Illidan, but after that i’ll probably take a break till the next expansion. i think things would be less hectic after things have settled down. *wink*

in any case, i managed to be present for the Naj’entus and Supremus FTKs. missed Archimonde though. 🙁

pretty much the whole family has been sick recently, including ayin who’s back for holidays. everyone’s pretty much recovered, except for a coughing fit or two.  took a trip down to singapore last weekend to see relatives; hope we didn’t spread our germs. drove out with our lovely cuzzie ichaya to bugis; looked at toiletries and diamonds, among other things. 😛 they’ll be coming up this weekend, so we did some major spring cleaning yesterday. kinda wished i’d have waken up earlier: more time to spend with a certain someone~

so to sum things up, a lot of major things/changes going on with my life. so much so that i’ve been coming to work late perpetually for the last few weeks. don’t worry, i always stay back late to compensate. but if management decides to get nitpicky, i’ll just leave. no point working for a company that’s so hung up on trivial things and only pay you 1/3 the market rate. hmph.

Trust No One

Consultants… can’t be too friendly with them. You see them working oh-so-hard, and yet, when the deadline comes, they hand you something either unfinished or broken. I got suckered not too long ago, and now I’m suffering. *Toot!*

Had a chat with disaster this morn; looks like she finally reeled in the big fish. Hope she doesn’t get swallowed up by it, as I am.

MangaProject seems to be really active, especially with Basara. No complaints there! 🙂

And finally, it’s pasar malam night! Need to get .. er .. some new flat donut-shaped shining thingies.

Basara Chapter 42
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter 65
Break Shot! Vol 7 Chapter 7

Bull..*t! Praise them once and the next day they kick you down the gutter. I’ve told you before about how Streamyx sucks. Well, that’s confirmed now, big time! It’s no longer an annoyance now; it’s a deliberate attempt to screw TMnet’s paying customers.

And why is it that cheap things here have to be crappy? Broadband elsewhere is cheap, but they’re nowhere at all fuctup like what we have here. And it’s not just TMnet cuz we have local cars like that too. ‘Belilah barangan Malaysia’, ‘Kualiti Malaysia’; Quality my fuckin’ ass!

The army’s moving in the right direction, but the soldiers are delinquents and the march is out-of-step!

Well, back to what was supposed to be yesterday’s entry.

There was concern in my unit that we may have to work over the full weekend to get some things ready for the next payroll (I’m in HR, btw). My brain didn’t readily accept the idea, so I geared up and somehow managed to finish everything last night (to my own amazement). Not that I’m usually lazy or anything, it’s just that when you’re doing work, you gotta keep in balance. I.e. not too hard but not too lembik. Can’t be too slow if you wanna keep your job and you can’t be too fast if you wanna preserve your sanity and keep your hair dark. Speaking of which, I already have 1 or 2 uban. 🙁

Two top dogs of the HR dept of my company took me out for tea. And I quite enjoyed it actually. Both of them had been working here since ages ago, but they were very friendly with us newbies. That’s one of my goals now: to still remain nice and friendly after years of corporate torture. There are a lot of bosses who seem like they have something stuck up their asses (and whirring at that), and they just think too highly of themselves.

Went for dinner with some colleagues at Seoul, Pantai Junction. The food’s good (maybe b’cause I cooked it? :D) and amazingly I didn’t suffer any digestive problems over the night.

After that, got home, couldn’t log onto the net, cursed, read newspapers instead. Yawn.

Manga downloaded and read before Streamyx downtime:
Agharta Volumes 1-2

Uh oh.

Just realized I left my phone at the office. Luckily I was one of the last to leave the project room, so it should still be there now. Just hope it’s still there in the morning…

Looks like Solat Hajat tonight.

Ugh, that means I’ll have to wake earlier too.