24 Jan 2008

iroiro na koto

24 Jan 2008

ok ok, here’s my update. of things that’ve happened since we came back from oz. 😛

signed up for gym. Celebrity Fitness at 1u.  86 a month for 3 years. thinking back, maybe i should’ve just topped up another 1K for a lifetime membership. oh well… also paid extra for a trainer; level 3 fariq is his name. aka qael. ^_^;;

it’s funny how you only discipline yourself once you’re forced to pay money. gym and swimming pool at my condo remain unused. 😛 anyways, i’m on a tough regiment of exercise, so i’m usually aching from my 3x-per-week sessions. doesn’t help that i’m on a tough diet too, making me more lethargic than i usually am.

don’t get me wrong though. when i say tough diet i mean eating 8 potatoes, 15 egg whites, and 3 chicken breasts a day. enough to put a small ular sawa to sleep. 😛

been spending a lot of time wif my dearie~ bliss, just perfect bliss~

as for wow, i’m not able to raid as much with my guild friends as i’d like. feel kinda guilty leaving them half the time, but i just can’t help it with the plans i’m making this year. i’ll try to stick around till we drop Illidan, but after that i’ll probably take a break till the next expansion. i think things would be less hectic after things have settled down. *wink*

in any case, i managed to be present for the Naj’entus and Supremus FTKs. missed Archimonde though. 🙁

pretty much the whole family has been sick recently, including ayin who’s back for holidays. everyone’s pretty much recovered, except for a coughing fit or two.  took a trip down to singapore last weekend to see relatives; hope we didn’t spread our germs. drove out with our lovely cuzzie ichaya to bugis; looked at toiletries and diamonds, among other things. 😛 they’ll be coming up this weekend, so we did some major spring cleaning yesterday. kinda wished i’d have waken up earlier: more time to spend with a certain someone~

so to sum things up, a lot of major things/changes going on with my life. so much so that i’ve been coming to work late perpetually for the last few weeks. don’t worry, i always stay back late to compensate. but if management decides to get nitpicky, i’ll just leave. no point working for a company that’s so hung up on trivial things and only pay you 1/3 the market rate. hmph.

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  1. Ash January 24th, 2008 1:28PM

    Finally, Rudy.. an update! 🙂

  2. loafer January 28th, 2008 12:19AM

    You’re a flake Rudy! LOL!

  3. myuu January 28th, 2008 10:24AM

    yes, i am. 😛

  4. andyb April 16th, 2008 2:57AM

    Ohhhh.. Celebrity Fitness… so you gave them my number to call me and ask me to join one is it?? 😛 *bish for you if you gave them my number
    *bish for you too for not coming out yum cha recently.

  5. myuu April 26th, 2008 12:26AM

    lol no, it wasn’t me! XD

    i absolutely hate ppl giving out my number to telemarketers, and i’d never do the same.


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