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Oh no oh no. Sigh. *Tumbles restlessly*. An object of my desire is gone. Well, not gone, but gone far far away. Yes, she has gone home to Japan. Tsk, and I don’t even know her name.

Well, not a huge loss actually. Never really knew her that well. Who knows what was under that sylph-like curves and that perfect face OMG what the hell am I saying?!?! This is a terrible loss!!!

Would you like some coffee with that?

Minutes. Meeting MINUTES. Why, of all people, should I take down the MINUTES? Was it because of my coo’ computer tie that the Chairman picked me? Was it because I was talking to young ladies just before the meeting? Sigh.

Well, here you go. 16 minuted items summarised in one 7-page document. You like that? Tell me you do. I’ll gladly spam your mailbox with more. Yeah.. MINUTES. Good ol’ finger lickin’ MINUTES.

That was Saturday morning. Didn’t do much in the afternoon, cuz I was so sleepy since I woke up too early to send my bro to his Sports Day. It was tough trying to keep awake to take the MINUTES.

So Sunday came, and it was my lil bro’s birthday! Hooray, happy birthday! Hopefully you won’t need to take any MINUTES as you grow older. Well, we spent the whole day at Sunway Pyramid, doing all sorts of fun things. I was so tempted to join some games competition that they were having at PlayWorld, but I lacked the console gaming skillz required. Also had a good look at the Vaio 505P. Now that’s what I call a notebook. Hot damn!

Monday. Attended a boring presentation by IBM on e-learning. Even the speaker admitted it was boring. Yeah, the presentation took on a classroom approach with a teacher-centralised scenario (some of the jargon I learnt). They should’ve just e-mailed us all a link to their e-learning website. That’s what e-learning is about, isn’t it?

After that, I put away all my other important duties and tasks to work on the MINUTES. Yeah, it’s so fun. As I work on it, I kept wondering, why MINUTES? Why not HOURS or SECONDS? Maybe I’ll look into it later. But I’ll probably forget, since the MINUTES are done and it won’t be fun any longer without doing any MINUTES.

Well, had our birthday dinner at TGIF. My bro was so bored he fell asleep at the table. Fortunately there was no food where his head landed.

Today. Finished my MINUTES. Back to work as usual. Played a game of tennis at a meeting to discuss some problems. Well, the ball is no longer in my court. Muahahah. Fear my tai-chi. And my MINUTES.

It begins…

Well, Sims was finally installed just minutes after the last post. My sis is halfway done with the ‘regime-change’ of my computer. Argh, I’m defenseless against hardcore addiction!

It’s Saturday, and I’m back in the office. And I’m way too early too. Had to send my lil bro to school for his sports day; he was making a fuss about how he’s already late and how his house needs him. Well, his fault for waking up late. If you saw a blue-colored blur on the roads this morning, that was just me.

Speed Bumps on the Way to Work: 10


I’m at home. I’m sitting at the computer. But I’m not playing SimCity 4. Well, not yet.

Streamyx is acting the way it should be, so at least I can download stuff I’ve been wanting for a while (more manga!). And my sister doesn’t seem to be mentioning anything about how gorgeous her city is. Luckily too, she hasn’t been able to find my Sims CD *sigh of relief*.

Ate lunch with the consultants at Chili’s today. Had a go with their Cajun Fajitas, and they’re really good! But it left me with an empty wallet and a sore throat. Hope it’s not SARS. We waited almost 45 minutes for our food, and I understand that it takes time to serve a big crowd, but heck, they shouldn’t expect people to wait that long! Plus they didn’t even let us sit inside (understaffed they said – what a load of bull). How can they not afford a full complement of workers when they charge astronomical prices for food that arrives after the first round of drinks?

Well, enough bitching for now. As I look back at the design of this site, a whole smackeroo of ideas flood my membranes (did that make sense?). But I’m not really the designer type, so I’ll just leave it at that. Don’t have a webcam, so no live pics. Have a digicam, but I’m not good at taking pics of myself. But I’ll put up something soon hopefully…

Note to self: must sleep early tonight!

Basara Chapter 43.
Don’t remember what else I downloaded.

PS: I’ll be attending some presentation on e-learning this Monday in Bangi. Woohoo, a chance to claim some mileage!


It’s back.. and I’m hooked. No time to manage websites, no time to do anything else! Yes, SimCity is back on my PC. And it’s so damned schweet. Work by day, SimCity by night. Losing sleep though. *Yawn*

Why, oh why did I let my sister install that game? Can’t her boyfriend suggest other games that have endings at least? Games like SimCity and Sims are the ones that keep you plastered to the screen.. never ending, never satisfied.

Well, I’m hooked now. There’s no going back. Only things to do are to try to control myself, and to upgrade my computer / buy a new one, so that the game runs better. 😀 Perhaps I should backup my savegames regularly too.

Speaking of having no time, #Bangsar.NET has been in a state of neglect for a while. As far as developing new features, then I would be guilty. But as for content creation, I remember clearly someone pushing me to ‘delegate’ the work. And it has thus been done. So where is he now? What happened to that eagerness, that zeal? Perhaps #Bangsar is no longer in the mood for growth, for activity. Quite evident since the last anniversary. People in the channel are no longer chatting up strangers and newbies; instead they turn them away with insults and whatnot. I’m starting to feel that I’m involved in a lost cause. Or perhaps I’ve felt that way for a long time. Paddling across a stagnant lake only propels myself, as the lake remains the same, and the water remains calm. And smelly.

Anyways, haven’t read any manga; too busy playing something. 🙂 Should I install The Sims as well? I shudder at the thought. I played it long ago when I was in LA. After a while I figured I should manage my own life first.

Food and Games

Been a while hasn’t it? I kinda forgot what happened over the past few days, to post here at least. I’ll just start in reverse chronological order; easier for me. 🙂

Went to the Yacht Club today; spent the whole day there napping and reading. My sister had her sailing exhibition, and my lil bro had fun running about with his young friends.

Why did I nap so much? Spent 4 hours at the Match Room in Sri Hartamas last night with Azuan and Vincent and another friend. Arrived home at 3AM. We spent those hours playing Battlefield 1942, which is an awesome game. Vincent sure likes to mock newbie like me, but I’ll show him next time (adds a new entry on his pasar malam shopping list).

Friday was a usual day for me. Had the consultants fix-up their deliverables to make them work better.

ST Nemesis was a great movie. Much more action-packed than the previous ST movies. I misplaced my phone again that night; ended up going back to the office only to find out a lot later that my lil bro left it under a pile of papers in the car. 😛 Well, at least now I know where the working public phones are in Mid Valley.

Work as usual today. Busy,

Work as usual today. Busy, messy, etc. Had to fix some errors for the company to print its EA forms. Had to do some ASP web development to get some users to do something. A new consultant came in today; wonder how long she’ll last (many came before and left :P).

Masrey sms-ed and Vincent called this morning! How rare is that? They were lining up to get tix for Thursday’s ST Nemesis at Mid Valley. How nice of them to remember me. Kinda late though. 😛 Didn’t give me enough time to find a date, so I’ll just bring Wan Yee along…. *sigh*

And I found out this other website was doing Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou translations! And it has 103 chapters translated!! I knew before actually, but I never bothered to check. Arg.. oh well.. won’t be bored for a while.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Volumes 8-9

Started playing:
C&C: Generals. Computer too slow. Jerky 3D graphics. 🙁

Trust No One

Consultants… can’t be too friendly with them. You see them working oh-so-hard, and yet, when the deadline comes, they hand you something either unfinished or broken. I got suckered not too long ago, and now I’m suffering. *Toot!*

Had a chat with disaster this morn; looks like she finally reeled in the big fish. Hope she doesn’t get swallowed up by it, as I am.

MangaProject seems to be really active, especially with Basara. No complaints there! 🙂

And finally, it’s pasar malam night! Need to get .. er .. some new flat donut-shaped shining thingies.

Basara Chapter 42
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter 65
Break Shot! Vol 7 Chapter 7

Rudy Recommends…

Basara! An action-packed and dramatic manga about a girl dragged into the destiny of her twin brother. How will she fare as the Son of Destiny, Tatara, or would she be better of as her own Sarasa?

Washed the car today after a few months. My sis had a tin of wax, so we waxed the car. Woo.. it’s nice seeing your own reflection in the bonnet. Note to self: Don’t park under the trees in front of TMC/Mahbub’s. Target practice for the birds.

Basara Chapter 41.
Black Cat Chapter something.
Full Moon wo Sagashite (Searching for the full moon) Chapter 4.
Beck Chapter 30!!! Awesome finish to an awesome volume!
And still searching! 😀


my manga updates ;D

Prince of Tennis Chapters 35-41
Over Rev Chapters 11-12
Monster Chapters 40-43
Naruto Chapters 157-158
I’ll Volume 3 Chapter 10.

Angel Sanctuary Volume 15 Chapters 5-6
Blame! Chapter 42
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Drifting Classroom Chapter 1
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