14 Apr 2003

Sims and Spa

14 Apr 2003

Don’t have the time or money to attend spa sessions on a regular basis? Too tired at work or restless at night? Try the all new portable home spa system! Woo~ just 15 minutes twice a day for comfort and relief, while clearing out all those toxins from your body. Etc. Etc.

Sounds good, huh? Went to the live demo 3 times over the weekend, and I tell ya… feels kinda good. Skin feels smoother somewhat, but not so radiant yet. Well, we have a unit at home now. Gotta go shop for a water heater and a shower curtain for my tub for maximum effectiveness.

And unfortunately, I am now addicted to the Sims. Even with my slow 500Mhz PC, it’s still fairly playable. And the expansions make the situation worse. I wish I could make as much money as my Sim does… fat chance! Elise SSX is her name. And she uses an official SSX Tricky skin. I had Mac SSX too, but he died in a fire on the first day. Couldn’t cook for nuts.

Yeah, I know the family name sounds stupid. But they’re not real, okay?! 😛

Spent the wee hours of the morning trying to fix the Vacation expansion. Ended up with it working, but I lost all our (my sister’s and my) family data in the process. Nevermind, Mac SSX will live again!

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