18 Apr 2003

*wheep wheep* Biorhythm down!

18 Apr 2003

Had a terrible terrible day yesterday. Lots of crap were happening at work. Ended up getting partially blamed for someone else’s fault. Sux.

Was at TMC at night. Waiting outside in my car at the side of the road. Lots of honking at the back. Ignored them. Ample space for cars to pass on the left anyways. Then this guy drives by and honks and does a muted tell-off. I was like WTF? I’m here in front. I’m not blocking any cars trying to come out of their lots. I didn’t ask all those fucking idiots to wait up in a line behind me. Wasn’t it so obvious that I was just waiting my car, minding my own business? If it was SOOO damned important for you to pass, why don’t you come out of your cars and knock on my window? No guts? Scared I would’ve whacked you up? And I would have too…

That episode got me soo riled up… ended up nudging another car out of my parking lot. Sigh.. they need more range on these reverse sensors. I didn’t seem to hit the other guy.. but we were awfully close. No damage to either car, which is a relief. Now this.. I’m willing to apologise. To the honking bunch of losers, i say FUCK YOU and good night.

Feeling better today at least. A friday too. I could really use some therapy right now. Wish I had gotten a water heater installed last weekend so that I can use the home spa unit I mentioned earlier. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with more idiots this weekend.

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