01 May 2003

Hey, where did all my entries go!?

01 May 2003

ああ、月代りですね。 Sigh, what a month it’s been. Working up to 9-10 at night, coming back to work on public hols… madness I tell ya. And I have a feelin’ it’s going to continue well into this month.

It was an awfully nice day today (without work, how else can it be?). Woke up at 11am to the tune of the noise from above. Wasn’t as hard for me to get out of bed as I was used to. Ayin was already up, playing Sims on my puter. Grr, kacau only.

Went out at 12:30 to send my mom to a gathering. Since the whole family came along, we might as well get some lunch and do some shopping as well. So off we went to Mid Valley! Damn, was it full. Took a while to get a parking spot, but when we did, we got one right next to the escalators. Since we were in the Centre Court, we went straight up to look at the range of notebooks currently in market. My sister settled for a Vaio V505P. Awesome choice.. think I’ll also get one.

Had lunch, then a short trip to P K Time to get my watch battery replaced. Stupid idiots took 15 minutes to tell me that my watch was broken. I was like *toot*!? Since when? Just to make sure that they weren’t the ones who actually broke it, we went up one floor to Time Gallerie and THEY got the battery replaced. Nice service too. Told me how to reset my stopwatch the next time it desyncs.

Btw, while waiting out those 15 minutes, went to Speedy’s next door and grabbed the 2nd installation of the Inu Yasha DVD set. Although it was DVD, the source was probably VHS, and there were purple outlines everywhere. Well, it’s still nice to have something subbed in English. The subs were not horrible like most HK DVDs, but it looked like it was prepared hastily, with words misspelt and letters missing/switched in almost every line. But it was worth the 90 ringgit.

Now all I need is my sis to get her Vaio delivered, and coupled with a VGA-to-S-Video/RGB converter I’ll be able to watch DVDs again on my テレビ。やった!

Gung-ho’ed through a traffic jam at 3pm. Stopped by at the office to try and get my SSH tunnel working. Went home to find that it didn’t work. Sux. (FYI, I was trying to open a Remote Desktop Connection from my house to my office PC).

Watched DVDs, drooled over pictures of the V505, slept, watched TV, etc etc etc. yada yada yada. No more detailed updates for me. 😛

Now trying to download Miriam Vol 7. And new Tenjyou Tenge chapters. Argh, something’s not letting me get my share of manga today.

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