24 Jun 2003

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24 Jun 2003


Dad wins a Jaguar X-Type and 100 grand. Feeling happy for him, yet bitter cause none of it will filter down to me. πŸ˜› His Prelude will go to my sister, but while she’s still green at the wheel, I will jaga the car while she drives my old Accord.

To alleviate the yearning to slap my dad upside down for various reasons, Merv and I went to Sg Wang for some retail therapy at our regular PS2 shop. πŸ™‚

Finally got back the Waja from the service center after leaving it there for two nights. Proton’s alarm systems really suck. Proton Edar’s service people suck too. To think they actually called me up to find out Netstar’s number.. God ..


Even after hanging out at Sri Hartamas with old schoolmates till pre-dawn, I somehow managed to get up early to drive to Melaka for a regatta. Wasn’t expecting the motel room to have a TV set, otherwise I’d have taken along my PS2. Woo, you know I love my PS2, doncha? πŸ˜€


Mamaked with the PS2 + MRC gang. Tiffany was there too. Talked about indian horror movies among other things. Adjourned to MRC for some UT2003 shoot-to-kill therapy. Reached home at 1:45. Read Beck chapter 33. Dropped with a sign at 2:00.


Feeling groggy. Can’t concentrate in class. Thinking about my PS2.

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  1. t June 24th, 2003 1:34PM

    Did I intrude on a guy moment? Blame uncle Azuan! I was on my way home!

    Fine, I know when I’m not wanted πŸ˜›

  2. A June 25th, 2003 1:53PM

    Nono, it wasn’t a guy moment. Xgennie wrote … + … + Tiffany was there to show your special and exalted status amongst us, that’s all. :p

    Besides, we had our guy talk before you arrived based on our scientific calculations (whilst factoring known and unknown anomalies – ala chaos theory) as to how long you would get lost to reach the mamak. During that interim was when the guy talk transpired. :p

    Right Xgen?

    P.s. Borrow car, when can test drive? :p

  3. myuu June 26th, 2003 2:53PM

    The Jag or the Prelude? πŸ˜› I doubt I’ll be able to drive the J… and the P is due for some fixing at the workshop (its mileage is more than my older Accord).

    You know, I’ve already forgotten what we talked about that night. I just remember turbo timer among a very few things.

  4. tIcKLe`Me July 1st, 2003 5:38PM

    wow wow wow, lucky dad!!!


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