19 Jun 2003

Black, Shiny, and Throbbing

19 Jun 2003

Hey, hey, HEY! Don’t get any funny ideas. I’m talking ’bout my brand new PS2 Dual Shock 2 controller! Well, I’d rather talk about my brand new PS2 console though.

What was supposed to be a computer-upgrade visit to Low Yat, became a gaming console buyout session at Sungei Wang, thanks to my PS2-toting pals Merv and Wan Yee. RM 990 for the console, 2 local ‘original’ controllers, a memory card, a vertical stand, and 10 games. Nice price, eh? Well…

Although I’m really so damned happy with my purchase, what eggs me are the controllers. I was to choose between 1 imported original + 1 cheapo vs 2 local original controllers. At the time, I thought local original would be the real deal from Sony, but it isn’t. Buttons needed to be pressed hard, and that made playing Code Veronica really tough.

Somehow I don’t feel confident in going back to the shop to get my controllers replaced, the same reason why most people don’t buy pirated stuff. You may argue that I shouldn’t have bought the thing from Sg Wang in the first place, but where else can you get a cheap modded console for that price? I think for after-sale addons, I’m just gonna go direct to SonyStyle. Thinking of getting original controllers in blue and crystal colors right now actually… RM99 per controller with free shipping is not a bad price at all. I was also vying the thought of getting a multitap so that I can still use the other 2 controllers, but since I don’t have any games that support that yet, nor do I have the players to challenge my reign of gaming supreme, I’ll just keep that on hold.

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  1. Az June 21st, 2003 10:34PM

    Ugh…everyone seems to be joining the dark side. :p

    Hmm, was contemplating doing so as well since I’m still “technically” unemployed and with a lot of free time….hmmmhmmm :p

  2. myuu June 24th, 2003 10:23AM

    Highly recommended for someone who finds it so hard to wake up late every morning. ;p

  3. t June 24th, 2003 1:33PM

    Am two steps away from being unemployed ;D Unlike *some* people though, I doubt I’ll find waking up late such a chore 😛



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