21 Jul 2003

Feelin’ fine~

21 Jul 2003

*meow* got back my TV and it works great! Thanks SHARP! Didn’t go straight into a PS2 marathon, but I somehow managed to finish Silent Hill 3 sometime during the weekend. Not wanting to get into the long hours of FFX, I’m now replaying SH3 just to get the cool gadgets. Look out Skywalker!

Had dinner with Merv and Az1 Friday night. Yeah, Az1’s back. Poor guy had a bad break, so we went to MRC right after for some shoot-em-up therapy. And they went again tonight. Cukupla tu..

Actually I would’ve gone with them, but I was in Batu Laut the whole day with my mom who was attending a meeting, so I was kinda bushed already. Sorry peeps. I’m just gonna spend the night reading the all-new volume of Beck from MangaScreener, and perhaps some more light-sabering with Heather.

Looking back at this post suggests I should create some sort of glossary section.

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